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T3 aka Techno Toy Tuning 510 door cards

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This is a mix of questions about the mounting of the door cards rather then the cards themselves.


Below is the final result, my question is: Where the screws are around the perimeter, is that the stock 510 mounting hole? For a fir tree or other body clip? If so then I will mount mine in the same holes so I am not drilling into the door a whole bunch.


Also the pull strap, is that where the stock arm rest is? If I bought there billet handles I think the would be smaller than the 620 arm rests. So I would have to mouth those differently too.


I ask this because I am making my own cards for my 620 and the way the door card mounts is a little different. 


If anyone has a picture of a stock 510 2 door, door card to compare that would be nice.





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based on the pictures above, it looks like new holes need to be drilled. if you look at the screw right next to the door striker and latch, the screw is slightly lower than the original hole. i doubt that T3 supplies hardware big enough to use in the factory holes.

the factory panels mounted with metal compression clips that fit into rubber/plastic cup inserts. (at least thats what i found on my doors.)

the other door hardware like handle, window crank, and door release should all line up.


there are a couple of options:

1. the factory panel mounting holes will accept the plastic fasteners that are used on a lot of newer cars for bumpers, interior panels, etc. but this will require drilling new holes into your T3 panels.

2. drill new holes in your door to mount the T3 panels. they will be close to the original hole positions, but not exactly.


it would have been nice if T3 made them to line up with the factory holes where we can use some sort of insert to accept standard hardware.

it would also have been nice if there was a provision for the upper handle too, but I suppose not everyone wants that and probably drill it themselves.

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If you made your own panels, patterned after a stock board, you could buy some black plastic clean rounded head fir-tree push in clips (NAPA or any good upholstery shop etc etc), that would go "thru" the new panel into the OEM holes, even retaining those OEM soft rubber "inserts" (still available from Nissan) that are pushed into the holes in the door.  You would see the clean rounded head of these clips once installed, but you can't really see black on black anyway! 


The plastic fir-tree clips are a l'il tricky to remove if you need to go back into the door, often breaking upon removal.  Those trim screws are quick & easy, AND they are also available in black anodize, so you can't see them as well as the chrome ones.

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