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  1. My coworker moved over to the big island. Before she left we were looking at houses on zillow. I'm really thinking of moving over haha. I could actually save enough to buy a house with a yard instead of never being able to afford one of the new $500k "affordable" one bedroom condos here. But first I gotta stop playing with cars. Love the new house buddy. Super jealous. I'll round up the OSI guys to make a trek out to there soon.
  2. Hey those look familiar. If you guys want, check out my Instagram (kyushakai) as I've slowly been posting more from this meet and the Fuji Jamboree. I'll try to throw some pictures up here but it's been so long since I've been on here that I forgot how to work forums already lol.
  3. Back on the Equip 01's and driven daily. Everybody calls me crazy cuz I bought a $500 1st gen Honda Odyssey for fishing and it has AC and it's comfy and quiet and stuff but I still take the 510 everyday. Nothing beats driving a Datsun. I've got some other projects taking up time and money so the wagon hasn't changed much. Just maintenance and enjoying the drive. Thanks for the kind words guys!
  4. If I can do it, the door bump removal should should be cakewalk for you. Hahaha.
  5. I'm super late on this but that's exactly what it is. You can go to a shrine and for a donation you can have your car blessed, or a blessing for whatever other reason (good luck, health, etc.) at the start of the new year. Here's a pic of my friend's omamori's for safe driving in his car. http://instagram.com/p/xf0O6TweWV/
  6. Ho get one rich faka in here. Punahou high maka maka motha faka. LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL
  7. Hit me up dude. I smashed my phone and lost all my numbers. I'll hook you up.
  8. LOL the Datsun life chose you! John with the yellow SR wagon in SD has 8.5 -6 in the rear and they look GOOOOOOOD! He has a shortened 8.8 and 4 link rear though, so that plays into fitment as well. The rear (pre-pull) was PERFECT but my rear leaf set up is way too soft and the lip would hit the fender. I might go with a 8.5 in the future if I have money to play with for more suspension stuff, but I might have a new project coming my way... Also, another thing to consider is 175/50/15 sizing means your choices are limited to Nexen or Federal passenger tires. No high performance stuff but I just cruise so it's no biggie. I might try a 185 series just for more choices in case they decide to discontinue the 175/50.
  9. Rolled into the first Slammed Sundays put on by Fatlace with the homies. Next to my old man's '65 Fastback. Night time shoot by my friend. I'm still rockin' the dogleg. I'll swap the trans when I swap my engine. Since the last update I did a little bit of body work. Swapped out a rusty rocker with one from FutoFab and shaved some holes. Also I smashed my front lip on a blown out tire on the freeway and it broke into a couple of pieces. I need to stop being lazy and plastic weld it back together. Got a bunch of parts I'm waiting on and I shipped my engine back to the mainland to Autohero. Idk when either will happen, but I'm in no rush. I'm just enjoying life. The Z bug bit again, so a set of triple Webers should be coming in today. Damn flickr sucks to attach images now.
  10. LOL! Not much to report, just been cruising around in it. Been a while since I've done any work on her, but I'll throw up some more pictures when I get home from work.
  11. KyushaKai

    Header Woes

    Maybe run 620 mounts? I know people substitute them for for 510 mounts when they do SR swaps because they're a bit taller. IDK, I just came home from a bar so it's all drunken thinking.
  12. I used to use that same Hello Kitty duct tape to make boxes when people would buy stuff from me from forums/ebay lol
  13. A, B, B. If you ever want to get rid of one of those clocks, give me a holler. Pretty sure I'm just as addicted to "the details" as you are buddy.
  14. What are you using to strip the anodizing? I need to do that to mine too. T3 red/maroon does not match my orange at all lol.
  15. ??? I heard from multiple people that when using 510/620 engine mounts on a flipped x-member, the 2 door/4 door drive shafts will bolt in. edittttt: 2 door/4 door drive shaft on a wagon. Just wanted to clear that up.
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