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control arm bushing help

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Just removed my control arm to replace the bushings.  Yes they are poly and I got them from Andy's Auto Sport.  That's a whole other conversation.


Here is the problem:



1.2 inches inside



1.39 bushing


Please don't tell me these are the correct size and I have to press the inner sleeve out of the control arm.  I called Andy's auto and they are looking into it.


Am I a total loser and don't know what I am doing or are these the wrong size bushings???


I'll accept any sarcasm or help at this point.



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I cut mine out with a hacksaw....made 2 cuts length wise about 1/2" apart.

Removed that piece and basically the rest of the sleeve fell out.

Had new Moogs (Made in Japan) pressed in




If I'm cutting the sleeves out, and want to use the bushings I ordered, I wouldn't want to press new sleeves in, right. This idiot is confused


Clarify, I'm calling myself an idiot

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Measure the OD on that sleeve....pretty sure that is about the same size as those polys

That sleeve has to be pressed or cut out...no sleeve alone will be pressed back in....just the bushings

Stock ones have the sleeve attached to the rubber bushing

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next issue, ball joint:


Ok, so the new ball joint shaft is larger than the old one and will not fit into the steering arm.  I'm sure this is a common problem.  What's the solution?  Can I have the steering arm drilled out, or can I get a new aftermarket steering arm.  Have not searched the web for a new arm yet.  But that is next on the list.  Suggestions?

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Yeah, it looks like you have three options:  One, find a later arm.  Two, buy this reamer and cut to fit http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Tapered-Ball-Joint-Reamer-7-Degree,2918.html . Three, take the old arm to a machine shop that already has that reamer and have them cut to fit.

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Hold the phone people. This 7 degree looks to be standard not metric. If I know how deep the shaft of the ball joint should be into the steering arm then I can get it pretty close. From the looks of things, the smooth end of the shaft only penetrates about an 1/8 inch ( ha! That's what she said!). So what is the proper depth?

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