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'72 is getting there :)


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Hey all. Been a while since I checked in. Truck is coming along nicely these days.

Here's the laundry list of what I've done so far:

Newly rebulit L20 dropped in

Weber 32/36 carb

Fancy air horn, makes it sound like a fiat :)

New....ish rims with new rubber on 'em

New clutch master, and slave

Exedy stage 1 organic sport clutch

New brake masters, slaves, hoses and shoes

New shocks


Gonna get.the windshield polished soon as it's in pretty rough condition. Also need to start replacing the front end bushings.


Here's how she sits now:


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I love my elephant ears :) .


Spent today figuring out why my tail lights weren't working. Everything else, break lights, signals, reverse working fine. Found there was an open in the middle of the system. Fixed the problem by replacing the whole bloody wire. That was fun figuring out...

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The maiden voyage has just been made. I work 25 miles from home and decided to take the truck. First time I've driven it more than 5 miles from home. Did the trip beautifully. What shocked me was how impatient people are with slower vehicles. I'm in the slow lane doing 55mph and people come screaming up your tailpipe... I'm in the friggin' slow lane, go around...

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Nice truck! Did you buy the air horn new?  You might have the king pins checked out, you can find replacement kits but it takes a little digging.

ya the air horn was a harbor freight special, and broken. And yes the whole steering rack assembly is pretty shot, not just the king pins. It's a work in progress.


Hit a milestone. Hit 400mi on the new motor. Everything feels like it's starting to seat beautifully.

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