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newest addition to the Ratsun family


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Meet ReddRooster a 1977 automatic kingcab 620.


Redd was given to me by c6flstfjock because he had spent enough money trying to get Redd's brakes to work ($750 on all new components and it still has serious brake fade) and it still needs a carburetor rebuild to pass smog.


Easy fixes by Ratsun standards I'm sure... :rofl:


enough of the intro here's some pics, engine shots to be posted later.











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I think when the "professional" mechanic replaced the MC he failed to properly bench bleed it, or he didn't set the throw on the MC plunger. We shall see, I haven't even popped the hood yet, it could have some uber-rare JDM replacement engine... maybe even a GILKEN HEAD!  :w00t:  :frantics:


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engine pics as promised


pretty standard L20b I think




unshaved U67! I hope it's not warped...




weird, no L20b stamp on the block?




new starter and alternator





nice clean single point dizzy




new MC




what am I pointing at? Is it an aircleaner for the smog system air pump?




found this sticker in the fuel door


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that filter is exactly what you think it is a filter for the smog pump im willing to bet that the numbers are stamped there just can be seen under all the grime build up 


buff out whats left of the paint sweet patina 



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