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  1. I never thought finding another 620KC would be so damn difficult without breaking the bank
  2. Where you located Janksun?
  3. Loren, yeah I am up here in Belfair WA (near Bremerton). Q-tip, yes same place. Finishing the outside of the garage in the next 2 weeks then the floor, then shes ready for a new project
  4. Time to do this, yet again

  5. Glad to be back man... I appreciate it. Looking for another 620 KC or maybe, just maybe a 521
  6. Lol... whats up man. Just had a lot going on and heading on the home stretch. I'll be back.... just need to find the right truck
  7. If I still had a Datsun I would go
  8. I guess its time to build another one
  9. Won't be making this one. Family issues that need tending to
  10. Its all good. I have been in contact with Jon. He will update you as I do not spread others business. Just a busy man with a not so happy L16
  11. Lets plan on rolling out from the Rest Stop at 10:30......
  12. So what time you guys wanna meet at the Rest Stop Nana?
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