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My first 510 \m/

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Hello Ratsun about a year ago I bought my first dime and I figure It is time to start a build thread. 


Here she was when I picked her up

She already had Techno toy tuning coils front and rear

l20 with a 5 speed

15x6.5 equips


As you can see she had been in a little accident bent up the core support pretty bad (It wasnt her first accident either)

Soon after that I picked up a parts car with a clean core support and I was going to graft the core support onto my car but I couldnt bring myself to cut up a decent 510 coupe.

So instead I decided I would build my own.





other then that so far I have been just driving it as much as possible gone to a couple Auto X events .And after a year I am now totally in love and its time to step up her game


Future plans:

   Get rid of the equips for some 15x8 wheels with fender flares.

   R1 carbs

   T3 adjustable LCAs

   Slot the X member or

   New exhaust

   Role cage/bar (not sure which yet)

   Clean up the interior a little more

   Corbeau FX1 seat

   and anything else I can think of :D


here are some more pictures








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but a sedan/saloon is a 4 door


coupe is the only one I can find that means 2 door



sounds like we need a new name for it


There are many conversations on Ratsun that explain the difference.  In short, the Industry's technical definition between coupe and sedan is expressed with the amount of cabin capacity.  The JDM 510 Bluebird Coupe, with the shorter roof, and more sloped back windshield, falls in the capacity range of Coupe.  The 2dr and 4dr body style we received here in the states is over the limit of cabin capacity range for coupe, thus both the US 2dr and 4dr models are classified as Sedans.  It has little to do with how many doors are on a vehicle... Granted most coupes only have 2 doors. 


In this case of the 510, the roof line is the same between the US 2dr and the 4dr, so the Sedan designation stays the same.


Regardless of the definition though,  Nissan chose the designation of Coupe and Sedan, and that's how it is...   :D

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I have always called a car with two doors and a hard top a coupe...  

my bad



A lot of people do, and it is incorrect, but not usually a big deal.  But since Nissan made the distinction between the two, a lot of 510 guys get their panties in a bunch when someone uses the wrong term.   If you look at the American vehicles, from the 60's especially, you will see a distinction between Coupe, 2dr sedan, 2dr hardtop, business coupe, 4dr hardtop, 4dr sedan, fastback, sport roof.... etc.  It's the same situation.  There is usually a technical difference, but sometimes it was just a term made up for marketing purposes.   

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Coupes look like they should have two doors. Sedans look like they should have four doors. The US market just needed a cheaper car so they took off two doors to fill the need and drop the price. Then they needed a pimp version of the sedan, so they stretched out the back and made the wagon . Today, all cars are compared to, and try to live up to the early 70's 510 wagon.

It's just history my friends, written by the winners.

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Don't feel bad.  The sedan 2dr looks better than the coupe anyways.


Yeah, I said it.


I agree.  The Coupe lines are out of proportion.  I'm just starting to accept the look of them, but overall, the sedan looks better.  I do however like the the shape of the bottom of the rear  side window better on the coupe (as seen in this pic):



A helpful photo goes a long way.   :thumbup:


2dr coupe versus 2dr sedan:




True. Thank you.  I was going to post Carter's "I like Bluebird coupes" page, but all his pics that show the differences are missing...  That, and my computer is down, so I don't have access to my 510 porn pics. Such is life.


Thank you for the information.

Coming from a background of american muscle I learn something every day.


Whether we all admit it or not, we all were Noobs at one time.  And there isn't one person here that doesn't have something yet to learn.

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