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Powder All the Things!

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Ok, I'm gonna turn into Adam on my B210 I think. Decided to go powder fot the wheels but I find myself looking at the prismatic powders site a lot thinking "how much of my engine can I powder coat?"


So lets hash it out. Where do you guys think enough is enough? Valve cover and timing cover? All the brackets and metal bits? The WHOLE FREAKIN THING!?!?


Feel free to post up any powdery engine bays so I can get some ideas as to how far I actually want to go.


As for right now, I'm thinking these bits:



And a custom or powder coated rocker cover.

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I won't be powdering my block, but the rest is probably fair game... Ok, if I can find a shop around here I may do the block :rofl:


I'm second guessing the alternator. If I do it I pretty much have to do the starter, fuel pump (unless I go electric), A/C compressor... My OCD doesn't kick in until one thing is neat and pretty. Then everything has to be neat and pretty

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But I can't be a bright ricer with krylon engine paint can I?  The block will most likely be painted aluminum or gunmetal, and I may be able to find paint for most of the other bits, but what's the fun in that? :P




Not very many options, but there are some decent colors there.

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i powered blocks, heads and the likes although personally i dont recommend it as the thickness of powder tends t alleviate running temps on the internals ..... just a good high heat paint .... send them all the more u do at once the cheaper ... dont adam me and send me a bracket for your butthole then complain  when i want a sandwich in return

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