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rear main seal on 76 4 speed leaking


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I started a new thread due to the urgency and some of the others have been resolved,  I added some gear oil 90 weight to my tranny,  It was very very low. Had to roll it just to get some to come out the add hole.


I didnt fill it to the bottom of the hole, just enough to stick your longest finger in the hole and touch some oil. Still need to roll it some just to get a little to run out.  Now I see why it was so low. The rear seal leaks.


I nrrd help identifying thr trabsmission. It should be the stock 4 speed that came in the 76 lil hustler I bought.  It shifted good other than the slop in the shifter, which has been resolved i think.


Heres a pic....




And another....




The weather is gonna be good this weekend and I need to get this thing going.  So far tou guys have been very helpful.


Looking yjru the interwebs There seen to ne two seals. Is this correct?






Should I get both? Neither?  Another brand,


I found a thread on here where a guy replaced 3 seals and all failed.  Don;t know if a groove wore where it seals or if he had bad luck.  I'm gonna try to find a seal or two tomorrow and try to replace them/it so I can get moving,


If you have any advice I could use it.


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The oil will still leak out even with new seal,, without driveline yoke installed into tranny. As that is what the seal ,, seals against.


Yes I kinda figured that out after looking at it for a while,  Abd I'm not gonna touch anything else and especially start to think about anything.

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Already answered here... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/59186-sloppy-shift-lever/page-2


There were two four speeds used on the 620 the early F4W63 with the L16 engine up to October '73 or the start of the '74 model year, and the later F4W71B from '74 on used with the L18 and L20B engine.

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