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510 Dash lights (not working)


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high bean on turn signal switch puts a grount to the relay whhich then puts a double ground to the head lights as the laghts thenself are already hooked to the + side of the battery via the fuse box.


so if you hear a klick on the relay most likey you can bend the tabs off look inside and clean the contacks and it should work. I good indication of this is when you hit the high beam you loose all the lights to all 4 lamps.

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Check the headlight switch, I think that's where they draw power form but it doesn't show them on the wiring diagram so I cant be sure.


I second this motion. Had a similar problem on my 720, drove it for a couple of months like that too until one night an old couple flagged me down at a stop light. APPARENTLY my tail lights didn't work either! WHOA! I had been driving at night for three months without tail lights. Got a new switch from Autozone, all is good now.

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Dash and tail lamps/side markers are powered from the same source. If the dash lights go out it's almost certain the tails are out also. In order to have high beams your tail lights MUST be working. Your headlamp relay is probably fine.


Probably a blown fuse. 20 amp. Probably the passenger side of the box second one forward from the back. It may look good but not be. Hold a quarter across the fuse clips and see if the taills come on.



I modified your title for two reasons. First not everyone has a 510 so they have to open and read your post to find out if they can help or not with info or parts. Second, someone in the future with dash light problems can use the search function can find this post if clearly marked 510.

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The power to the headlight relay is from the parking lights which have to be on. Without power, the relay defaults to the off, or low beams, and can't be energized. I know it's weird. Disable your parking lights by pulling the fuse and your high beams won't work.

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Ok. Ever light works. Except. High beam and dash lights all fuses ok. Headlight relay when taped lights go out. ? Tried to clean all contacts on relay with same results


All lights work except high beams and dash???? Damn...very confusing sentences.... are you saying the high beams and dash lights are out???


Dash, license plate, side marker, front clearance and rear tail lights are ALL on the same switch and fuse.


Check again. If dash lights are out it almost certain that the marker, tail side and license are out also.

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Got that.


Assume the dash lights out is something else for now.


Get a test lamp and see if there is power on the Green/Blue wire on the headlight relay. There should be if the marker lights are working. This is the power supply to the energizing coil on the relay. The other end (a Brown/Red wire) is grounded by the dimmer switch when in the high beam position. Dimmer to high beam grounds the relay coil turning it on and changes from low to high beams.


If you have power on the Green/Blue wire try grounding the Brown/Red wire... this should turn the high beams on. If not the relay may be bad

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What year did the 510 gain a variable lighting switch?


The "dash lights" can include these:

* Cluster Illumination Lamps

* Turn signal dash lamps

* OIL pilot lamp

* CHG pilot lamp

* P.B. pilot lamp

* Clock lighting

* Tach lighting


they are grounded different ways

Several fuses are involved

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Ok. Relay works. I think my problem is in the high beam switch do u know how it is wired does it ground system to turn on high or low ??

The dimmer switch grounds out for High Beams. It is disconnected for low beams (but will read 12V backfeed from the Relay).
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Ok. But. All lights works but when you switch to high beam all headlights go out. But only headlights all others work. You can hear the relay switch over but all headlights go out. Is problem in the high low switch or the main light switch

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High and low beams use the same ground wire on the headlight relay so if lows work, then highs should also. (not a ground problem)

Left side hi and low beams are on their own fuse. Right side hi and lows are on their own fuse, so if the lows work then the highs have power also. (not a fuse problem)

If the relay is clicking then one of two things....

A/ The relay moves inside, disconnecting the low beams but is not making contact to turn on the high beams.

B/ All four high beam headlight filaments are burned out

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