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My 411 is about to get some extra oomph!


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here are some pics of an L20 Distributor modified to fit indo a KA24DE. We will be test firing the engine tomorrow night, so wish us luck!






the engine will use a 4 barrel V8 Carb. I have a 500cfm right now, but I am hoping to use a 390cfm in the long run. I will post some pics of the manifold set up we are using.


The Transmission is from a 99 Frontier.


the rest of the build is classified for now, but I'll tell you it involves 5-lug hubs and Skyline wheels.:D:D:D

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that was fun last night! We need to just turn tuesdays into porject nights only and figure out ways for people to carpool out to wherever the projects lie. Sounds good on paper at least.


Lol! We made all that noise like a mere 4 minutes before sound curfew. Its going to sound even better when its in the vehicle. peace.

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Check the link in the first post. Also, far as the oil pump drive the crank takes care of that in all KA's and L-motors. You dont need a dizzy connected to the oil pump drive. Plenty of guys out there not running a dizzy on their L-motors. In this KA's case though its internal and driven directly by the crank, just like an SR or VG. The dizzy is connected to the cams on this engine. peace.

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hah! looking at the videos again, we look pretty damn funny. and sound funny.


like kids around an interesting bug that won't stop twitching...or something...


yeah. the motor was tied to a 2x2...scary.


we had the coil sitting on the ground and a battery next to the motor hooked up with jumper cables, a rear suspension bolt from a maxima, and a length of brake line. woo!


before the motor goes in, I need to get the new suspension under the car. I should be starting on that by the end of the month. have to talk to kiznook about borrowing his welder for a few days (he'll probably hear about me borrowing it from this post. hehehehe.) and my boss to order in the material for the jigs I need to build for the shortening process.

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That last videos is the best. It looks like you poured a gallon of gasoline down the carb (though I'm sure it was just a tiny bit). Then the fire coming out the engine was nice.


But why working in the dark with a flashlight? I thought of burglars coming across a KA and thinking, let's start it, if it's any good we'll take that too!

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