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521/620 interchangabaility

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does 521 stuff swap over to pre 78 620 suspension? A buddy of mine has some custom brakes and hubs for a 521, including a locked rear end. I was wondering if it would just swap over or if any mods were needed? peace.

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Just yank the axles and unbolt the center section and switch. Is the rear end a limited slip or a 'welded up' locked. If LSD get it, if its welded, pass on it unless you only drive in the mud. The Ls didn't make enough to need LSD but wouldn't hurt for off road.

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2eDeYe;7954'']I know 620 stuff will bolt up to a 521 and that the inner (I think it's the inner) 521 bearing is a pain to find. Anyway you can just swap the brake stuff to the 620 spindle?


there is a 2 mil diffrence in the spindle's... 521 vs 620 look at about page 5 of the NWDE Disc Brakes On A Kingpin Truck Thread if you need more info. I had to end up getting my inners from a dude in Australia.. Good Luck with the Bearings....just keep it all together, and bolt up the whole enchillada..

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I noticed the Leary plug.........how are you feeling? reminds me of the cheech and chong movie that Mr. Leary made a cameo in. Anybody old enough to remember that?


I'm too old to remember that. I do remember Legend Of A Mind, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and foil wrapped sugar cubes.

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