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Got myself a long bed!


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<p>I recently have bought a 76 short bed I posted pics of before. I was planning on building it, but every time I touched it I found something new wrong with it. In addition to that I had issues getting a title for it. So I started looking around and found a 77 long bed. It's super rusty, but I'm going to swap the cab off the 76 on to the 77. The cat was asking $750 on the long bed... I got it for $120 lol... on to the pics!


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78LilHustler_zps03fa8e87.jpgOkmulgee GT,
  I'm sittin down in McAlester area. I acquired my first Datsun bout three months ago. A '78 regular cab longbed. Its been down the block for 35 years under the li'l ol' ladies carport. I'm just about to get the install of new valves done and get around to 'enjoy time'.


I've been into a number of German & Italian vehicles for decades and this is my first Nippon. Think I'm gonna like it here.



Krebs OK

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Valvebounce yes the long bed trucks have a longer wheelbase then the short bed, but the same wheelbase  as a king cab.


dfrangia nice to meet another okie. Thats a good looking truck. Congrats on the buy. Got any more pics?

Will have more pics when I get her out of the corner of the carport. While getting the exhaust lined back up after putting the head back on, I discovered that the carrier bearing insulator is crapped out. I have one coming from Amazon.

  I'm also gonna need to round up some front sheetmetal. This beautiful little Hustler got some pretty bad hail damage on the hood and fender tops at some point in her life. Bad enough that I'd rather replace than repair.

  She's a honey of a li'l pickup and she's gotten me infected with Datsun fever. I'm starting to get it bad for 1200's and 410/411's.



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