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The cleanest 410 or 411 you've ever seen?

Datsun Dude

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My first car was a 1967 PL411 cream colored with a red interior. It was in prime condition, but that was 1980 until around 1984. I sold the car after blowing a head gasket. I've always been sorry I ever did that! That said, these cars still make me smile. I love to see examples that remind me of that ol' 411. Post your fave photo or video here. 


This one is close and currently for sale. Very tempting:






Also love this one:



Clean green:



Red one:




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judging by the color combo on the yellow on i would venture a guess that is the fancy deluxe that was intended for the female driver. they only came in the butter yellow, gray and flower print seats, the turn signal didnt click but instead blayed music box music, and had a stiletto shoe holder under the dash in front of the shifter. the one thing that would have never flown now days cauase of all the equality and all that is nissan had a larger set of side veiw mirrors made for this car to help out the women folk when driving... lol so many lawsuits if they did that now.... ive always wanted to make one or find one of these, all thse lil thing that only came on this car would be absolutely priceless... yet to me would be worth millions.

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the nsfw 411 is my sss411.. with my ex... its posted here too. im in hte middle of building a new motor as i scattered it a year ago and put it away till i was ready to fix it. its all original, paint drivetrain interior, minus door cards....

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What's the difference between this RL411 and a RL411 SSS? This car looks just like mine except for the missing SSS badges.



The badges, and most likely the "optional" ratio rear axle.  It might even have a BW automatic transmission?



So only the rear end and the badges are different? Very interesting. One guy says the SSS model has round gauges. Mine doesn't have those, then again, who knows if I have the original dash or not?



the axles are the same 3.89 in all rl cars...its simply the badging that is the difference, also the round gauges never made it in us bound rl411's it was a Japanese and aus car thing only

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the axles are the same 3.89 in all rl cars...its simply the badging that is the difference, also the round gauges never made it in us bound rl411's it was a Japanese and aus car thing only

 According to the "Datsun Model Guide for the RL411 4 door sedan", the standard rear end was "3.889 : 1 Standard 35x9" and an optional rear end was "4.111 : 1 Optional; 35x9". So there was a choice, maybe as an over the counter upgrade?
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With the low number of RL411 built the dealers probably had no incentive to order any with optional rear ends.  Like the first generation Corvair.  Chevy dealers had to have one in the showroom but made little profit if they ever sold one.  So, cheapest version on the floor without the good sway bars.  Ralph Nader was the reason the 1964 Corvair came with the sway bars standard, loved mine!

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