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32/36 How do I do throttle cable hook-up


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So, now I'm putting on my carb and getting ready to install my motor and trans, but what gets me is how in the hell so I hook up the throttle cabble to this carb? I would really appreciate it if anyone knows how to do this to a 620 and have any pics I could look at. Thanks guys!!!

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I don't know how to post the pics.  It is currently at the stage in the post above.  I was thinking about removing the throttle arm and its assembly but wasn't sure if it would work.  Thats what I would really like to do, since theres no problem with it working before.  Sorry about the no pics, Not very good with this stuff.

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Wait, what? You are in Albuquerque? I am in the north east part of town and willing to help (not that I'm all that at wrenching), PM me if needed.

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Thanks everyone for all the advise.  After taking a good look at everything, I pulled off the old Hitachi throttle body and cable holder andits gonna work perfectly. Thanks DM for the good advise.  Kelmo, hey I've PM'd you and whenever we can would be great!!!



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