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Getting upset.... need pics


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Yeah its pretty frustrating. Sad thing is I removed the damn things and cant get them back in. Bumper bolts snapped so I had to remove the brackets. Took them off, cleaned them up, painted them, and beat them to death trying to get them back in. Needless to say I called it a night, they still aren't in

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ha thats every 521 owners experience......i lost my rubber round bushings made new ones spent a hour getting them to match and sit ok ... i ended up loosening the frame brackets so i could get it all even and looking symetrical...then found the bushings right after all that ....

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i really dont have this problem,i guess i am lucky,if i see the brackets i can tell what way they go on.

do u have to call the guy who assembles the truck or do u just turn on the big tanker spotlight and he shows up and puts it on?


hooligan lemme know if u need any help...start a build thread too

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I have found two pairs of side bumper brackets, for my four 521 trucks, and all are bent.  Something about a 521, not having the best brakes in the world, especially if they are not adjusted regularly, and the fact the 521 bumper is purely cosmetic, and NOT a 5 MPH., or even a 2.5 MPH impact bumper.


I think a rubber stopper, like you used in high school chemistry class can be cut down to fit between the bracket and the front apron.  you can use a second one on the inside, with a fender washer.  The bolt thread in the bracket is 5/16-24.


I think you can get 5/16 stainless steel carriage bolts, and polish the head on them, and they look almost as shiny as the original chrome plated  Datsun bolts.


By looking at the brackets, and how they bolt on to the bumper, and comparing the contour of the apron end of the bracket, you should be able to figure out the right and left one.   You probably have to bend the brackets bit to get a good fit.  This means bolting the bracket to the bumper, with the bumper off the truck, putting the bumper on the truck, and checking the fit, removing the bumper, bending the bracket, and checking again.  I think it might be easier to see of the bracket is bent to the right shape if the bolt that goes through the apron dose not have the rummer spacers on it.  Once you get the bolt centered in the hole, and perpendicular to the sheet metal apron, then install the rubber spacers.  

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Ok, need some more help. Wiring this time... and before you link it, yes I have the diagram. I must not be able to see......


Since I am swapping carbs I decided to remove all unused wiring from the harness. On the drivers side fender right about the coil there appears to be a relay that has a Blue w/ White stripe and a light Green w/ a Red stripe. Can anyone tell me where these go? I feel like an idiot right now

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