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1984 720


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What's left to make it complete?


I just need to do bodywork and paint, and get those seats replaced.


What seats are those? I like em.

The passenger seat is a stock 720 seat as far as I know, with a seat cover.

Drivers seat is a universal racing seat that you can buy at O'reilly for like 150ish dollars. It kinda sucks to get into with a tall(ish) truck, as I have to climb over the little lip on it. I would love it if i had a 2wd or a car though. I have a seat from a 75 610 wagon that I am replacing the racing seat with. 

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I'm having a few issues with my carb.

When I warm it up, ~30 degrees F, it always seems to idle at about 3 grand. It won't go back down until the its warmed up. Is this normal? 

And I have to either pull the throttle linkage by hand or tap the gas pedal to get the RPMs back down to about 950ish. 


So to clarify, I start my truck, About 1000 RPM, slowly climbs, then holds steady at 3000 for about 4 minutes and then by fiddling with the linkage will drop to 1500, then back to normal. 


It has Z24 with a stock Hitachi carb. 

Truck has 184,959 miles, and the carb has not been rebuilt as far as I know.

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nice truck.


how is this so clean?




what size tires are those and have you driven them in the snow?  spacers or off set wheels?   energy bushings?  how often do you lube the bushings?  sorry for all the questions.  tires are next on my list after i rebuild the steering and suspension.

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The tires are Goodyear wrangler radials, P235 75 15. I have driven them through about 3 feet of snowdrifts. Not sure how much of that was the truck or the tires. They are decent tires, nothing special. They suck on ice though, got stuck on level ground in a parking lot, had to shift in to 4x4 to get out of the spot. Originally had offset wheels, 7inch wide. I put on some hardbody rims, no offset, 6 inch wide. 235 75 15s are the largest you can put on without modifying/rubbing AFAIK . I never have lubed them, was not aware that you should. Check your strut rod bushings and the rod itself, If you hear squeaking you may have to do some welding and grinding to fix the strut rod. Spray paint on the front. It doesn't look so nice anymore.


I've heard great things about Goodyear DuraTracs in the snow and mud, and my brother now swears by Hankook Dynapros. 

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i could be wrong but i think the black bushings have graphite embedded in them.  the reds don't so they tend to squeak after a while.


the truck looks great with the tires.  i wonder why mine looks tall and skinny with the same size tires.  treads maybe?  did you have problems with the offset wheels?  i think i might get some 1" spacers just so it doesn't look so skinny.  nice ride.

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The bumper was bolted to the frame through the reverse light holes in the roll pan.


The tires just threw rocks and road salt on the paint and I didn't like that.


No squeaks from the front end yet.


Also, if you have stock rims they are 5 1/2 inches wide, so that could be why. but 7 inch wheels will fit no problem with the 235s. A guess on the offset is roughly 2 or 3 inches. DatzenMike probably could tell you exactly what you need.

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