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  1. It would bolt up though. You'd need the engine harness, ECU, fuel pump and lines. Otherwise you should be able to get a carbed z24 intake and make it work.
  2. Thrush turbo is an okay but cheap muffler. Thrush welded sounds really good on a Jeep and it's a straight thru muffler so it doesn't restrict flow as much.
  3. Knock sensors should retard the timing, it's to prevent damage from pinging/detonation.
  4. Don't get the cheapest one you can find. Generally you won't have an issue with the parts store filters. Nissan would be ideal.
  5. There should be a link for a bbcode. Paste that into your posts and they'll show up in your posts without going to an external link.
  6. Looks like a short 71b. Shifter is not a 71c type. Looks like it should be a direct replacement.
  7. I'm thinking brown paint has some sort of preservative property. 3 that all have damn solid bodies. You've got quite the fleet.
  8. 84720FourWheel

    buck fifty 720

    It's a torsional damper. Probably to smooth out rough shifts under load.
  9. Rust free 84 bed? What a unicorn. Does it run?
  10. It's the measurement in standard I believe. 46.0 inch belt, 17/32 wide.
  11. The only time I care about a build date is usually for fords. I've had people say it's an 03. But it's an 04 because the body style changed and it was a November 03 production truck. I'd just have them look up an 85. They didn't change much.
  12. Doors are totally different shapes. Won't work.
  13. 720s are 26 spline, hardbody/pathfinder to 93ish are 27 spline, 93 and up are 28 spline.
  14. Lisle makes a hand impact that you hit with a hammer, works pretty well for things like that. Soak em with some PB blaster. They get stuck on the bottom side of the head, so you can drill the head off then the bolt will just twist out by hand.
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