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Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

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So I sold my F250 SD last week. I already knew what I wanted... another 510. Its been years since I had a 510, but I have a ton of un-finished projects around here. About a year ago I was contacted by a guy in Torrance Ca that was interested in trading a series one 240Z I had for a RHD 510. I eventually sold the series one for cash, but now a year later I decided to contact him and see if he still had it... and he did.

A deal was struck!


Interestingly the car had been through many owners:




Its never been posted on Ratsun that I know of.




Loading it up!




Stopped by to see the KEEPER! Gathered parts!




Unloaded at home. And assembly begins!









Full Datsports front conversion! Man that is a sweet setup. My only complaint so far is its not adjustable in the the TC rods. I have no need to adjust the control arms though!


Below you can see my Clutch master clearance...



I really though oh its RHD I dont have to worry about the steering box.... WRONG! The stock down pipe nails the idler... So I STILL need a custom down pipe... EBAY here I come!




The fenders are fiberglass so I went ahead and ordered fender mirrors. Im not a big fan of them and you cant see shit out of them, but I dont want to weld in a plate to the doors until Im ready to strip the car and possibly re-paint it.


We shall see whats in store for this one. Id love to do a Sora Blue paint, or a Sapphire blue if I do paint it. You can see the paint is now showing its age since it was painted near 10 years ago.

Much more to come.


I gotta come up with a name for this one still.


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You got dem problems bro.... That 'Car Addict' problem... :thumbup:

I sold my e30 a week ago and i bought the 260... Im not even home to work on it... B)

I still have a fiat x1/9 project at my apt... and 2 cars for sale in nc...


Once my rat is on the road im going to have to take a road trip down from wa to ca to see what is going on down there.

Ill tell you something about the tail lights on this car just looks awesome. I like the 510 but the color and the overall look just... looks good..

You have any photos of your slammed z?

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6 dattos is that all , ya liteweight :)

No, thats just projects... I have drivers too.


I have pictures of the Z pretty low... I think 3-3.5" so I could drive up to Mt Diablo for a meet and Greet Datsun event. The south gate at Mt Diablo is a really rough road in patches. I heard the North gate is worse though.

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Ive made slow progress every day:






Skib hooked me up with his buddy Tim who traded my knock off gram lites with good tread for a set of old Series 92's... Im very happy with the results:



I stopped by T3 on Tue(7/23) and picked up a few parts as well. Spare tire cover, camber plates, and coil over bits.

I plan on picking up rear coil overs and a strut bar from them as well in the future.





Skib also hooked me up with a fuel pump for the CA... A few more things and Im in business.

-Fuel lines

-turbo down pipe(SR or CA)



-shorten driveshaft



I ended up with 2 shortened driveshafts for the L-series and Z trans I think. They are not short enough for the CA 5spd, by about 3".


I need to go out to the junk yard and search for an S13 hand brake... I dislike the dash unit... Datsport use to have one that was similar to the S13.

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I am following this. I love the CA18DET, more than I like the SR20 (though neither are as badass as the fj20) with all the KA24s and SR20s you see I am excited to see a CA.



is that a 910 (maxima) I see?





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haha, I feel dumb. lol, I did post in your 910 thread about the oil pan. keep up the awesome build(s) man, Im subscribed!.


I love my 910, I decided to attack from the interior first though. since I already have a rebuilt L28ET here with the BW 5 speed.

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Alright, Im perplexed.


So intercoolers and radiators are a pain to stack in the 510 chassis.


Lots of ppl do it their own way, be it no radiator support, no grill, etc...


Here is the deal,


The CA has 1.25" inlet and outlet on the Right side like a KA swap.

The SR has inlet and outlet kiddy corner.

The VW  Scirocco radiator is like 14" tall, which does not really utilize the space I have(around 16.5-17") and a turbo car with heat soak is unpleasant!

Most of the aluminum aftermarket radiators for the KA are really LONG! Which makes then an issue for a big FMIC.



Finding one that works(measurable temp drop across it during pulls) on ebay isnt always easy, but Ive had some luck in the past(which is sometimes better than expensive name brand ones).



Here is what I am considering for simplicity.


Overall Size: 24"x12"x2.5", 2.5" Inlet & outlet

Core Size: 18"x12"x2.5"


I have dealt with CXRacing before... I do not expect an easy fit, which leaves me to cringe at the asking price on ebay for one of these things. This is the SAME intercooler being sold to fit the RX7...


I don't mind cutting the radiator support up a bit. Not an issue.

The first problem that is apparent is the inner core width... 18"

So my radiator HAS to be 18" wide x 16.5" tall. I have 5.5" to fit a fan and radiator to the balancer, which is more like 6" at the water pump pulley.


I have checked, CXRacing does not offer a radiator that fits their intercooler, which is no surprise to me.

I have purchased PRC Hot Rod radiators before for Z car. They are pretty awesome! Im seriously considering having them build one for this.

The only option I can think of is getting an intercooler that mounts the same way with centered inlet and outlets that face rearward with 24" total width. I cannot find anything like that though. I did some digging here and on the realm to find what others have done. My options are pretty limited.


My biggest limitation is that I can buy a bunch of parts and tig weld them up, but then Im going to be spending more money on modifying stuff than just ordering a custom radiator that fits the CXRacing intercooler.

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Using the Datsport guide for the floor mounted hand brake for inspiration(it does not appear to be available any more)



I came up with my own solution, because its not a truck and deserves a proper hand brake!



For now I have stock rear drums so I used a hand brake from an S13, cut the end crimp off. Cut the end section off of the original 510 cable I had and used a crimp cable union after lots of measuring and adjusting to ensure I would have lots of adjustment.


As a side note: Ive discovered I am missing the injector dropping resistors for the CA. That is gonna be a fun thing to trace down.

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Well, Ive exceeded my photobucket bandwidth this month.


I got my downpipe in the mail today. CXRacing downpipe for an S13/S14 SR20det. 


I cut the turbo side flange off, and Im already prepping to start fabbing up a full 3" stainless system.







Yes I have a lot more 3" stainless around. 


Im having fun figuring out how to 'tuck' 3" under the car. I did it in the S30, but this chassis has no provisions around the trans tunnel to work with and the Datsport cross member makes it even worse.



Next up is the radiator area:

I took some measurements from the radiator support area




And then I took the measurements from the CXRacing intercooler and extrapolated the modifications needed to make it fit. As you can see in the below picture the lower radiator support has to be modified so its flat and all at the same level as the top of the lower center radiator cross support. 




So this is what I came up with for a radiator... It will be 3" thick which gives me 3" for fan room.




The left side is the fill neck and the right side is upper and lower hose necks.

Ive contacted PRC Hot Rod. The 18" total length is gonna be hard because the smallest core they can work with is 16" so I might have to look into a vertical tank which gives me less dwell when compared to my cross flow design. I like to have dwell across the radiator with a turbo engine and a small radiator... I guess the other option is a restrictor like race cars use...

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The cx racing radiator doesn't seem to be up to the task of hard driving for my CA at least. After i throw an oil cooler on it, if the temps aren't lower i'm going to find something else to run. If you know of any other proven radiators that fit in our cars let me know. If not, I'm just going to go PWR intercooler and radiator down the road.

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Well, since I purchased the EVO 9 intercooler I there will be more room up front for a nice radiator. I have used PRC Hot Rod radiators for a while and know plenty of people that do as well.

PRC is nice because they dont just care about dimensions. Every time I have spoke with a rep there they have cooling concerns they dont hesitate to bring up when designing a radiator.. which seems obvious, but some places just build radiators to dimensions. They are also already familiar with Datsun's. The last guy I spoke with had extensive knowledge regarding S30 radiators for reference off the top of his head as well as familiarity of the common 510 engine swaps. Their website has nothing to do with Datsuns which I find entertaining. It seems like there is a hidden Datsun guy in 8 out of 10 automotive companies I talk with for parts.


Once I have a radiator designed for this, the build specs will be available, others can simply call up PRC and order the same unit, or if need be order a unit up with mods from them. Which is another reason why Ill be ordering through them again.






On another note:

I purchased a Can/Am EFI box from Icehouse today! Im excited about that. 

Here is the list of parts I need still

- radio bezel

- carpet

- Universal throttle cable

- Injector Dropping resistor

- radiator

- coolant hoses

- clutch master cylinder

- sun visors

- rear veiw mirror

- front seats(looking at E30 bmw)

- driveshaft shortened

- intercooler piping


- shocks


I want to put T3 or Ermish rear coil overs on the car and 280zx front struts... So that could change my shock options if I get my hands on those.

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The intercooler is here. 

The IN/OUT pipes are soldered onto the end tanks. The end tanks are stamp aluminum and pretty thin. Im going to try and heat them up and remove the pipes from the tanks. If I can get them out and cleaned up Ill tig it all back together. 


I spoke with PRC and they have a nice 22x19.5 or 24x19.5" double pass chevy... They can cut it down to 24x16 and put a drain cock in for under $300

Im stoked about that! 

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