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  1. 510sss68

    project off road 510 racer

    build page on facebook , munster 510 motorsport check it out for updated pics etc
  2. 510sss68

    datto fairlady 1600 roadster

    picked up another Datsun project today
  3. 510sss68

    datsun 720 off road race truck pre-runner

    flares are home made I also have full fibreglass rear tub sides and the moulds to
  4. 510sss68

    datsun 720 off road race truck pre-runner

    check our build at Frankenstein motorsport team blokhedz on facebook and at munster 510 motorsport and while ya there like it :)
  5. ok guys got another project going a early Datsun 720 truck engine SR20DE soon to be DET mid mount long travel suspension 33'' mud tyres 2200mm wide track pics soon :)
  6. 510sss68

    project 280zx dirt racer resurrection

    been a while since I posted change of engine for the 280 out with the L20 and in with a RB25DET instead !!!! :)
  7. 510sss68

    found 320 window less van for sale

    but I did find this the other day for $300 so it might have to come home with me :)

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