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  1. DatsunMotorSports

    Stolen Datsun!!! - found

    Hey guys, thanks for the support! I did some work the other day and it turns out someone filed a datsun key to steal it. That's why there was no broken glass, but luckily their key broke off in the ignition leaving the car in the start position. This burned the starter up and put a huge draw on the battery and a jumper pack. I pulled and replaced the starter and after checking the timing belt and cam shafts for signs of failure I was able to start the car and it runs fine. I spent today replacing the tumbler that was destroyed. So I again have a key to start it. I appreciate the offers of donations. I'd glad take a cheap set of coil overs (like the Honda ones everyone uses on the 510s for like 40 bucks for all 4 off ebay. Just to get it rolling again. I think I have everything else covered other than paying back those that already sent me money to get my car out of impound as the seaside police department didn't follow protical. The car was found, it was not dusted for prints dispite the fact that I had just completely detailed the car for a buyer, and they did not contact me to come get it so I was stuck with the tow charges, but I've got to talk with Sgt Law the guy in charge at the time on Friday about his improper protical and my tow fees. Might be able to get those back. I never meet anyone where the car lives. I always have a secure spot to meet someone I don't know. And seeing as a datsun key was used, yes I suspect it was someone either I know or someone that cased the complex with broken security gates for 8 months. I had a talk with the complex about the broken security gates which are in my lease agreement, and their insurance. The gate was fixed a day later! Thanks everyone!
  2. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    I spent yesterday going through the car. The valve covers, timing cover, and spark plugs all came out. Everything looks good. Pulled the starter off and replaced it and it fires up and runs fine! Huge releif! I pulled the ignition switch apart and found a filed datsun key broken off in it that's how they got into the car and got it started. The switch got stuck in start and burned the starter up. So I've relisted the car for sale as is.
  3. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    It was found yesterday. Engine is blown, it will need a long block. Radio face missing and all the receipts for every part gone. Ignition is fucked. I'm beyond broke so the car is for sale as is, in the mean time I'm parting it out. The camber plates, front shocks, front coil overs, boost controller, nismo fpr, and s15 seats are being kept for my s130. Make an offer on what ever you want. If no one buys what's left I have to recycle what's left in the near future.
  4. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    Yes this morning
  5. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    It was the only place that had it locally and wasnt gonna cost me a another week of no ac with a trip to Sac... it was needed! I have to look up the receipt, but it was nearly $100. The Compressor connected right to the original 910 lines! I thought it might just completely bolt in and go, but I ended up making the spacer and it worked out great!
  6. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    Ive actually been working on the car steadily. As you will see my plans were fluid and changed a lot as the need and want to drive the car more often changed from Im gonna let it sit... I ended up re-doing the suspension: TechnoToy Tuning parts all over and working on more! Front 107mm T3 camber plates(510) Custom T3 Tension rods->which gabe can make up for you guys with 910's! set at 3.8* T3 front coil overs(280zx/510) with 275 springs T3 roll center adjusters (200sx) Toyota Rear MR2 KYB AGX shocks up front Rear Jeep cherokee rear 3rd leaf added to the stock maxima leaf spring pack 96 GMC front monroe shocks 3" lowering blocks custom grade 10 U bolts I also installed the 200sx rear disc brakes... and spent $300 on bearings Only to have an incident below happen to me. I took the car to MotorSports Auto this year. I destroyed the rear end in Garden Grove one night and changed it out in the parking lot of the hotel the next day. That was interesting. I twisted the passenger side axle and granaded the center of the carrier. I got lucky and found an 82 200sx with the 30mm axles at Ontario Ca Pickyour Part(LKQ). I pulled the whole axle and transferred the center section and both axles in the hotel parking lot. Glad to have the BIG axles now! I axle on left has twisted splines also took the time to replace the front brakes again, and replace all the caliper hardware including the slide pins. And I am working on a Pan Hard Rod using T3 parts as well! My next step is to figure out some sliders to get rid of the shackles so I can track the car. At some point in time I did this as well... And this... because the radio let the smoke out 5min before I left for LA for MSA! I recently got my AC working again as well! So I used a series one or series 2 rb25det ac compressor bracket to mount an AC compressor for a 1986 200sx 2L to the RB engine. This required a 1/4" spacer to push the compressor forward and slotting of the bottom mounts of the compressor bracket to compressor. I replaced the really expensive dryer and flushed all the lines out. I had R12, but that stuff is expensive and Id rather save it for a vintage project, so I opted to use R134a. It works well even in Sac this summer during the few visits I have already made up there! the High side power steering line blew on me as well. You can see the black line with yellow writing on it... its the new custom hose from CSC of Salinas... its so nice I almost did all the hoses with that stuff. Im just over 10K miles in on this swap... and as you can see... I havent changed those nasty belts yet... Ill get there.
  7. DatsunMotorSports


    Why are these runs towards the Monterey Bay Datsun Group... I guess we just gotta roll outta bed late and show up at the end of the run...
  8. DatsunMotorSports

    1984 Datsun Maxima 910 Project.

    Here is one Cap... http://ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=20283 A not so great way of doing it.. http://aussiebluebirds.com/index.php?topic=923.0 but notice the bushings! But I think this is what I was thinking of. http://www.aussiebluebirds.com/files/910bluebird_r30_IRS_installation.pdf http://www.aussiebluebirds.com/files/ More helpful files here regarding the 910
  9. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

    I am considering tig welding them together. Im just learning how to tig, so Im not sure I am up to doing some cheap aluminum piping yet. There is some clearance between the two right now but not a lot. Ray
  10. DatsunMotorSports

    Project 910R

    DMV let me pay for next year's Registration. So I put insurance back on the car and paid it up. So the car should be seeing more work soon. My plans are to raise the diff tunnel area for clearance so I can have some rear travel, and install a traction bar. We will see what else I attack next as I have time. Ray
  11. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

    The amazing part is that there is an EVO 9 intercooler in there between the grill and radiator... That's FN magic even to me and I did it.
  12. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

    Still a ways to go... lots of cleanup. Still searching for seats, and I need to buy a pair of 10" fans
  13. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

    Took some advice. Bought a 20oz container of Techron. Soaking the injectors in it today. After about 30min, injectors that wouldnt actuate at all are all now hitting hard. I soaked them, then disconnected an injector plug from the running engine(440cc rb injectors are fowling plugs slowly anyway) and connected the old injectors to the plug while submerged in Techron... They all came back to life and are somewhat squirting. Ill soak them for the rest of the day and then actuate them while flushing them with some brake clean and check if they spray ok. If they are all good Ill re-install them and see how it goes. My only concern is having any residual gunk obstructing flow that would change flow rates between all 4. We shall see if this does the trick.
  14. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

  15. DatsunMotorSports

    Cause 6 Dat-Projects weren't enough, 510 2 Door: CA18det, RHD...

    Bought some vinyl today for the deck lid, rear inner fender wells along the seat, under the rear seat, and along the inside rockers... Gotta put the wife to work on that. I also popped in to a buddies place last night and borrowed his TIG Synch-wave for a few hours. I finished about 3/4 of the exhaust! Not bad for a first time TIG welder either. I usually just have him do it for me.

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