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Engine temps

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So I was just curious for you guys who daily drive your 510s how hot does your car run? I drive my care about 15 miles to work every morning and them temp gauge stays between the M and the P ... if you could tell me how hot that is id be very thankful! thinking about getting one of the oil temp gauges from auto meter so I can let my ADD rest a little but I dunno where to screw it into the block... any help would be great!

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What enigne do you have?  My L20B has two coolant ports off the Thermostat housing.  L16 did not.


I don't remember for sure, but I think you can just put the L20B housing on the L16, if you want to go that route.  I think you can still buy them new.  Check with your Nissan Dealer.

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The second hole on the L20B is for the thermal vacuum valve for the vacuum advance and EGR. It prevents them working until the motor is warmed up.. If you don't care about either just conect the ported vacuum directly from the carb to the vacuum advance and you can remove the TVV and use the hole for an after market temp gauge.


Another option is a 280z or zx thermostat housing. Some have 4 threaded holes ... one water by pass, one temp sender and two temp switches.  

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