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Got a 1200 again


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Ranman brought the 1200 over today :thumbup:

Seats were reupholstered at some point, need to be cleaned but in pretty good shape.

Horrible shot of the coilovers, the strut inserts are just massive though, I forget exactly which brand I think Koni's.

Door cards are in pretty decent shape, and the headliner is perfect.  All the rubber is pretty good also, doors close with a nice solid thunk.

The boys:

Most of the parts are inside the car including some of the trim, the front bumper and alot of misc. stuff. Also came with a 1200 longblock and 4spd. I still need to pick up a flywheel, flywheel bolts, fuel pump, starter, water pump, etc.... to put it together but all the important bits are there.  Overall I think the car went through a few owners of varying ability given some of the repair work I've seen. Body is pretty straight overall, except for a couple of rust spots.  Worst is the rear decklid lip is pretty gone but has been rust neutralized. Front floors have some holes but everything has already been ground clean or neutralized.  Battery tray is already shaved (moved to frame rail for smaller battery) and the engine bay painted a light grey, even has coilovers already installed and aftermarket struts. They had started shaving the front marker lights also. Paint is a same color respray but it is starting to fail. Overall in pretty good shape.



Now time to put it together :D


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This is so awesome I am glad it went to someone who loves these cars 

It has a pretty good starting platform you might need to get rid of the stock perch and weld a ring on there for more adjustability 

those are not stock seats I think they might have come from a 720 or sentra ??  I recommend those MR2 seats you have they fit well with some mods to the Toyota rails 

fuel pump  water pump and starter I might have 

struts inserts were said to be bilstien but I never confirmed that and I think the struts are stock but the strut insert has a super fat SHAFT 

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This is so awesome I am glad it went to someone who loves these cars 

It has a pretty good starting platform you might need to get rid of the stock perch and weld a ring on there for more adjustability 

those are not stock seats I think they might have come from a 720 or sentra ??  I recommend those MR2 seats you have they fit well with some mods to the Toyota rails 

fuel pump  water pump and starter I might have 

struts inserts were said to be bilstien but I never confirmed that and I think the struts are stock but the strut insert has a super fat SHAFT 

I missed that about the seats.  The MR2 seats would probably be best. I couldn't remember what you had said for the inserts. Welding a ring might not be a bad idea, and I think I've got some longer 200# ground control springs in a box somewhere. I'll take a closer look when I start on the brakes.


I have to dig through my boxes and see what I've got sitting around. Most of the B210 stuff is compatible but I just can't remember all of what I have. 

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So couldn't wait, started organizing stuff already.


Better shot of the coilovers.



Got everything out of the inside. Rear is in good shape.



Passenger side floors. I'll clean up the edges and probably weld new metal in shortly.



Driver's side has some thin spots and a some small holes but not as bad.



Engine bay is pretty clean.  I think I will make a steering box brace while the engine is out.


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Now you see it:




Now you don't




Floors are welded in, I've got some primer on the areas now to keep it from rusting. I did the drivers side  but it doesn't really show so no pics. I'll go back and grind/rough up everything down again and then probably por-15 it.  I'm not really fond of por-15 but I can get it quickly and I don't really have any better ideas.


I still need to weld in one of the driver's side seat supports as it is missing, I'm just going to use some thick walled square tubing. Short term goal is to get the floors solid and then start adding sound deadening and carpet. I need to find some seat belts also.  I also went and hit a bunch of rust spots with rust converter while I was at it. I'm still making a list of parts I need and things to do.

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James uses chassis saver it is a black oil base enamel

Yeah, I know he  doesn't like POR-15.  I know he had also talked about the Benjamin Moore Ironclad also.  I decided not to use the POR-15 as supposedly it doesn't work well with the butyl sound deadner which wants to be in direct contact with the metal. I decided to just hit it with a couple of coats of rusty metal primer and call it good.

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Ended up using peel n seal and some similar butyl stuff to do the whole interior up to the firewall and under the dash. Also pulled the side and rear panels and did the sheetmetal and stuffed in a bunch of closed cell foam.  

In this picture the black is a neoprene rubber I've glued over the wrap. I also did the back tirewell and then ended up spraying it all with the rusty metal primer.
I put two layers of closed cell foam down (the green and blue stuff) sealed it with aluminum tape and then glued down neoprene over it. All the foam and rubber was surplus I picked up.

In process:

Done, I still need to cutout some of the holes for the shifter and some misc. stuff. You can also see the driver's side rear seat brace I welded in (top of pic).

I also started working on the template I'll use to cut out some fiber board for the rear area.

I still want to cover everything with a jute pad and then carpet. I'm just trying to decide if I go with the pre-molded stuff or go cheap and do the indoor-outdoor charcoal gray carpet (~20$ from Lowes). I've also got a massive N14 radiator coming in the mail, but I still have a bunch of misc. parts to track down for the A12. I've got it titled but I can't register it until August 10th anyways.

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Looking Good!!! What parts are you looking for?

Thanks! The highest priority parts I need to get it on the road are the flywheel, flywheel bolts, and MT driveshaft.  I also need the water pump pulley and fan but I can source those from a B210 or 210. The other parts I need but probably can source locally/easily are the water pump, fuel pump (I'd prefer mechanical and it is A12 specific), and the oil and temp senders. I can order the flywheel bots from Nissan parts but they are A12 specific and reusable anyways (and sort of expensive) so I'm looking for a used set for now.  I also need the alternator bracket and front bumper mounts but I will probably just make them unless I can find some. I'll just make the tranny mount as I've done that before. The front marker lights are shaved so those can wait. Bunch of random bolts, belts and hoses too, but those are easy.


Trim parts are need are the ashtray, front kickpanels and the little plastic catch trays that sit next to the seat. I'm going to try casting new cowl covers and building my own back wood panels and parcel shelf. I also need seatbelts but may just buy new aftermarket as those are a safety item.


Probably some other stuff I haven't thought of yet also.


I have the back wood panels you can copy 


Lol...thanks for the offer,  I didn't even think to ask if you had those. I bought the plywood today and already have the templates made, I'll probably have it done before I'd get a chance to come by anyways.

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Wow that is a list, anything in particular?

This is my engine:




The priority is on the parts that will make the car drivable. Trim parts are not necessary for that.


The flywheel is the most important as I can not get that elsewhere and it is A12 specific. The A14 flywheel is 2mm thicker, heavier, and requires a spacer plate between the engine and tranny. If I had the spacer an A14/A15 flywheel would work, but is still hard to find. The flywheel bolts are A12 specific and SAE (A14 is metric). I can get them new from Nissan but they are pricey. I can make an adapter to use a B210 driveshaft (which I have) but I want to avoid that if possible, but I have done it before. I have an electric fuel pump if I can't find a mechanical. The water pump I can order off rockauto along with the starter and the senders. The water pump pulley I can pull off something else. I have a fan but no clutch in a box somewhere probably.


I really need to just find a blown up or discarded relatively complete A12 in the Norcal/Reno area that I can buy to pull parts off.

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come over and we can go parts digging

might have distributor / fan pulley / driveshaft although I paid 55 for it so would like to recover that cost and other possible needed parts

We can make a package deal

Oh yea and that radiator shoiuld keep that tiny motor running cool

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i think i have a flywheel and bolts still on a core a12 motor

Sweet! If you do, what do you want for it shipped to Sacramento?  That would be a big help in getting this on the road.

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Like your radiator, what is out of and where did you get yours?

Mid 90's Nissan pulsar from eBay (n14) $47 shipped. This is the thicker core model used for the sr20 they also have a 5/8 core used on the smaller engines. Just fits between the frame rails.


Based on the 1200 wiki:





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