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I hate coils


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I've gotta ask this, what makes a coil go bad? Or why does one go bad?


I had to swap out the one in my car after I did the motor swap in order to get it to fire, that's ok with me, but not too long ago that one outright died and I bought a new coil. So now I've got this new coil which only lasted about 3 months, and now it's leaking oil, and not wanting to run my car anymore. So now I have to get another new coil and get my car home. It's currently sitting on the side of the road a few miles from my house. I'll also be installing a new ballast resistor.


Is there any way I can prevent this new one from crapping out on me other than not driving the car?

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Are you running a point coil WITHOUT a 1.6 ohm ballast resisitor.????


I have never had a coil go bad


you hooking up the +plus -side correctly up?????????


tell us what you are running first we are not mind readers on what you have installed on your car.


have you had you coffee yet hainz? lol, J/K. Seriously though, hainz is right... albeit a little grumpy cause this should be a simple fix...

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Probably shoulda mentioned what I've got, but I was grumpy and needed to vent for a minute.


I picked up an Accel Super Stock universal 12v coil. I do have the ballast resistor connected.

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OK the Acell Super Stock is more or less a stock 510 point coil, Just looks NICER

http://performanceparts.com/part.php?partID=760 in yellow or chrome


Now find your stock 1.6 ohm ballast resisitor and install it with the Super stock coil or a stock 510 coil.


If you still had your ballast resisitor installed(the stock 510 one) most after market ones are .7 ohms. So should I assume you have a stock 510 or datsun ballast installed. But AI cant explain why your burning up coils unless you spliced something else off that line or have the wrong value ballast resisitor installed


But otherwise you should be fine going by the drawing below


are you runniig point or a EI type dizzy? If IE type make sure the plus side of the dizzy is on the blk/wht side of the ballast resisitor.(Im guessing on this one but thinking the resisitance in Parallel would draw more current????)


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I have never had a coil go bad

the only one i had go bad was from this...


if you have power to the ignition (key in the ON poisition-not running) then the electrons get hot :mad: from sitting in the coil and start to leak out :blink:

could explode too!


verify that power is not at the coil when the key is off.

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