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I understand now, it gave the front of the window enough of a vertical line to stabilize it, and that is the issue I was having.

I did have enough weight on the back as you can see in the photos posted to stabilize it, but if you hit a big bump, or rested your arm on it, it would teeter totter, I thought about adding more window to the front edge below the sill where it is unseen, but in the end I did not finish this adventure, I had other things more important at the time to do, so it sits waiting for my attention once again.

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The 520 and 521 are the same, the 1984 mazda B series is also the same seal, I found that certain mid 90s mazda SUVs have a seal that works great, but needs to be cut in the corner.



If I understand your post, you are saying that door seals for a 1984 B2000 will fit the 520.  Is this the gasket that attaches with pinch molding around the door opening?  

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If I understand your post, you are saying that door seals for a 1984 B2000 will fit the 520.  Is this the gasket that attaches with pinch molding around the door opening?  


Yes, it is actually not just 1984, but I cannot remember the exact years, it is all posted somewhere, maybe in charlie69's thread, it is the exact same gasket with the same molded corners, and since it is newer, it's easier to find a decent gasket, at least on the passenger side, and you can reverse the passenger side to fit the driverside.

I don't use them gaskets anymore myself now, I found that certain mid 90s mazda SUVs have a gasket that has the same profile as the 521 gasket, but it is a larger door, so the gasket is larger, so what I do now is cut the gasket at 45 degrees and start installing it in the top corner, I go all the way around till I get back to that corner, then I cut it again at 45 degrees, it works great, and them gaskets are like new.

You just have to look at your 521 gasket real close, or cut a small sample, then go to the wrecking yard and look at all the mazda trucks and SUVs till you find one with the profile you need.




This is what I posted in charlie69's thread.


Posted 12 December 2010 - 04:50 PM

Hey Charlie, I installed both the 1984 mazda door seals today, I was worried about it at first, because the drivers side around the window frame didn't touch very much if at all, but the pass. side fits perfect, so I am assuming that my drivers window frame might be slightly bent, otherwise I think there the same seal, there not to short or to long, there just right. I looked at the 84 ranger seals and there differant?? I was of the opinion that it was the same truck, but there are differances.




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If looking for a rad ask in the classifieds. All buying and selling is done there.


This forum is for ideas or part numbers for parts what will work for the 520/521.


If the inside is 'ugly' could it just be hard water scale? Take it out and lay front side down with rad cap on. Fill with a mixture of CLR to dissolve it. Wayno?

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Welcome :)

Im looking for a radiator for my '67 J13, doing a restore and the inside of my current rad. is ugly


thanks in advance, p3hawk

If the outside of the radiator is in good condition, take it to a radiator shop and have them clean it out, if it is not savable, then have them re-core it.

It is not likely that you will find a radiator for the J13 in any better condition than the one you have, they are over 40 years old, and a lot of them have been scrapped for engine upgrades, and there are just not many looking for stock 520 parts like that anymore.

When I modified my 520, I didn't keep much that had to do with the J13, the engine found it's way to another 66 520, the rest is all gone now.

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