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    1967 Datsun 520 P/U, 1982 280ZX
  1. Ok fellow Datsun drivers, I've looked hi and low to find these beauties. Maybe I didn't look hard enough IDK. The sockets on my current ones have rusted out. Ebay dealers say they have them, not even close. So any help would be appreciated Cheers P3
  2. p3hawk

    Maximum engine RPM manufact. Spec. L- 16

    Thank you Datsun Mike, I threw a rod/bearing on my J-13 eng. bought the L-16, had it modified, and now runs great. p3hawk
  3. I can't find limit in my Datsun book, the search sends me to a different forum, can anybody assist . Thanks ahead of time, p3hawk
  4. the Pics are up in the classified section of this forum.
  5. I have original J13 eng/trans to either sell whole or in parts. the engine block is shot, due to throwing a rod. pics to follow. the tranny runs great, everything but the block is in good and running condition. I will post this in the classified as well. Cheers P3
  6. p3hawk

    My J-13/520 pickup threw a rod

    Ok, ya'll i've got pic's to post on my blown 520/J13 engine. but first I need to figure out how to post them on here. i took them on my galaxy s5.
  7. p3hawk

    My J-13/520 pickup threw a rod

    Sorry Ive been off the forum for a couple of weeks. Yes I'll put up the Pic's, I've been searching for a/an L-16 eng. but the mounts don't match up. The J13 mount are located in front of the block, L-16 in the middle so to speak . As far as the L-20 block I would suspect its the same?
  8. p3hawk

    My J-13/520 pickup threw a rod

    All....righty then, its the L16. anybody have a decent one for sale?? I live in central FL. Cheers P3hawk
  9. p3hawk

    My J-13/520 pickup threw a rod

    While driving my 520 to my dads house on I-4 (fla), the engine threw a rod. I now have a hole about the size of a .50 cent piece on the left side of the block. Anybody know where I can get a short block? Or mayB a 1600cc. Also thinking a bout the SR20 eng. Im open for suggestions.
  10. p3hawk

    Rear crank case seal, gar lock or rope seal

    Hey Datzen Mike, sorry about the confusion, my truck is a 1967 520, J13, eng # 239847 . Thank you for the reply. Cheers
  11. p3hawk

    Rear crank case seal, gar lock or rope seal

    Thank you, I've replaced quite a few items in this truck. My 520, is a 1967 1300 j-13. Just incase, is the rear seal a rope or a gar-lock .
  12. mine is leaking. Cheers p3hawk
  13. p3hawk


    Well I got my radiator back from re-coring, looks great. But now it doesn't fit. its about an 1/2" off from the frame. aaarrgg. Two-steps forward, one back. If anybody is interested the recore job was about $280.00.
  14. p3hawk


    Im looking for a radiator for my '67 J13, doing a restore and the inside of my current rad. is ugly thanks in advance, p3hawk

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