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  1. I'll be posting as soon as I'm ready (read as "get off my lazy butt"). It is a dual headlight... May 1968 build.
  2. If you know of anyone interested, mine is a well sorted daily driver.
  3. Series Land Rover. Even less horsepower than the 67 ponies in the Datsun, but enough torque and gearing to crawl up the side of a house. It's currently somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean on its way from Europe. Supposed to make Houston in about a week, then overland to OR in another week or so. Need a 520 to add to your stable? 😇
  4. Going to be offering up my 520 for sale. Another project has come my way and I don't have enough room for both (so says my wife).
  5. Did the vendor ever respond?
  6. I too have a wealth of car experience, and we have had vastly different results.
  7. There's nothing wrong with the el cheapo inline pumps generally (sure, some are better made than others)... the key is, as others have stated, they are pusher pumps. And their lift capabilities are fairly limited. But there's no reason a 'Pep Boys quality' inline pump can't do the job if installed as close to the tank as possible. Having said that, hit up a wrecking yard for a 720 pump like @Icehouse and @datzenmike recommend. Permanent solution.
  8. I did this a few years ago to solve the 'light pedal press' problem. Datsun also realized the error of their ways and dumped the hydraulic switch in favor of mechanical one in late '68 or early '69. My late '68 520 (May production) came with hydraulic but also already had the bracket over the brake arm (just didn't have a switch in it). Try to get an all metal switch as they tend to fare better than the plastic ones. My go-to part is a mid-1980's Volvo switch (I use the same part on several of my assorted vehicles). All the GM or 'universal or Ford ones I've unboxed at the parts house are plas
  9. Finally got this resolved, and now I have my missing 17 horsepower back for the neighborhood hills. Cyls 1, 3, and 4 had ~140#. Cyl 2 wavered around 50-60 because exhaust valve adjustment had tightened way up. Adjusted them all, and now getting 140# in all 4 holes. Yay. @wayno called it right.
  10. I appreciate all the analysis of my driving, and I expected it. But I'm pretty surprised at the hot takes on someone fleeing the scene of an accident being the victim. I'm a grown up, and have no problem taking responsibility for my own actions (as Kathy Bates' character in Fried Green Tomatoes says, "I'm older and I have more insurance.")... and I fully understand the nature and function of stop lines. I am the person in my family who drives the speed limit, signals religiously, and (generally) 'colors inside the lines'... including stop lines. And, as I previously alluded to, the camera lack
  11. True, you actually have to. The line is so far back, you can't see ANYTHING because you're still on the hill (the video obscures the way the intersection is because the camera has a very "narrow" perspective. If you were sitting there looking with your own eyes, it would make perfect sense where you have to stop before you can see anything. Frankly, it's a pretty unsafe intersection because it's so blind on the side street I'm on.). You'll notice the silver car coming up on my right near the end of the video... that's how far you have to pull up to see any traffic coming from the right. The le
  12. ... by a 4Runner... emphasis on the "Runner." I was returning from a grocery store 2-mile-round-trip and this guy was so eager to beat his oncoming traffic, he cut the corner on his turn waaaaaaay early, and clipped me in the process. I didn't see any brake lights in my rear view mirror, so I turned around to track him down. I'm new to the area and the streets around here are very non-grid. I saw him duck into a side street, but by the time I made it there, he was out of sight onto one of the next side streets. He was definitely "4Running" from me. I've got dashcam footage of him
  13. No valve adjustments yet, but you've got a good theory. I want to locate the valve cover gasket first. The garage is still a nightmare after the move a few weeks ago and I have a couple dozen identical bins of spares to dig through... and they are all stacked on top of one another. I feel like my one-wire-at-a-time swap may have served the same test as pulling wires while running, but that's easy enough to try as well. However (and this is why I like your flaky valve theory), the truck seems fine at speed. I realize at higher RPM the miss can get covered up somewhat because of the shorter time
  14. Yep. Already done. I do tend to hoard spares, even used ones. Also, I've got 2 more of those same caps new in box (in addition to the one I just installed). I even have several sets of front brake shoes..l and I've been running a @mklotz70 disc conversion for 5 years or so. I think that is the definition of hoarding... multiple sets of parts I don't even need. 😲 Also, Pertronix has been there for 5-6 years, and it's using a 3 ohm coil without ballast as recommended by Pertronix. Full 12v at terminal. Only trick you have to consider with this setup is to not leave key in ON position
  15. Small update for anyone interested-- Replaced plugs (I misstated re the ones that were in there already. They were NGK's, and I had gapped them at .035 (I found my old call notes from Pertronix tech support on the gap number). They look decent enough... no telltale tuning issues seen in the plugs). Here are a couple of pics-- Rotor and cap looked fine... But... I couldn't swap wires because the _2_ sets I ordered from Rockauto are WRONG! Of course, I did the online return form and after answering
  16. Central TX. No altitude differences, but it's a helluva lot ranier here (though humidity there is regularly 80%... it's just muggy instead of actual raindrops like here). Also, as mentioned in my OP, the miss at idle isn't new. It's only become a bigger issue now because of the 1st and 2nd gear hill crawls in my area. Here's part of one of the hills in my neighborhood. I took it because of the absurd wheelchair ramp they just installed... we've nicknamed it "the suicide ramp." The picture doesn't do it justice. My SO, who is a very fit hiker says she steps onto street to walk that part when sh
  17. Thanks. I don't do FB, so I'll have to hunt them out by other means. Honestly, I was hoping for the latter... an enthusiast board member who loves working on stuff, who I could cajole with beer and cash (and 'wonderful' company... aka, "get out of the way, old man"). And my definition of "top notch shop" is probably unrealistic in the 21st century-- a place that doesn't rely on a CANBus plug-in to tell them what part to swap, who knows what a carburetor is, etc... AND... who is an honest broker (I have no desire to be over a barrel, for sure!). I have
  18. Thanks for the specs! I've got Autolite 405's in it now (they're a couple of years old), and a fresh set of the same in my spares. I seem to recall that Pertronix tech suggested a .035 gap, but I'll call them to confirm. My 520 is a May 1968 build, and 8° BTDC rings a bell from the last time I set it. I wonder which moving box my timing light is in 😨
  19. J13. I just found one of my spares bins, so I'm going to throw plugs, wires, cap, and rotor at it (it's got a Pertronix II, so no points), check timing, etc., and see if that gets me anywhere. I think I've got a spare valve cover gasket in my other spares bin for setting valves (I've got 25 or so of those giant black bins with yellow lids from Costco for all my car crap, but the garage is packed to the gills, so finding the right bin is a project in itself). Are the lifters solid? And if so, any idea on what to set hot lash to?
  20. Relocated to Eugene, Oregon last week... following SO's job. My 520 is my daily driver (though I don't get out a whole lot), and the hills in south end of town where we now live are killers. I've had a slight miss at idle for a while, but didn't have the energy to chase it down. Now a good tune-up is going to be a necessity. May just be a weak plug or bad plug wire... but I would have expected if either of those were breaking down, it'd be worse at speed, but I drove to Cottage Grove and back yesterday and it ran down the highway at 68-ish fine. Any suggestions on top-notch shops around here t
  21. Anyone have updated info on board changes? I still can't access this thread from email notices, and I can't find ANY thread I've ever started on this board... actually, I can't find any of the model forums (like 520, 521, etc). Are they gone?
  22. I was in high tech R&D for 3 decades, first as a design engineer, and eventually moving up into senior management overseeing engineering groups around the world. I do understand the challenges of code changes... and am glad never to have dealt with them directly in production environments (of course, we broke stuff all the time in our test labs... and had the occasional red hot field issue that percolated up as a result of a bad rollout).
  23. I havent seen anyone bitching. Just commenting on open issues.
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