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another craigslist 510

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That's too funny! hhmm.....after all the cracks I made about his Z....I've got no comeback!! :)


Oh, I don't know........something about Barney......you know the PURPLE dinosaur!


"I love you, You love me................";)

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Seriously.......it's the opposite. I'm not a fan of the color or the style, but those rims make up for it. I like the overall package.


But heck....Bleach is so sexy, he makes anything he sits in look good!!! He's the other half of the test tube experiment that produced me....hhmmm...can you figure out which of us got the left overs?!! :(

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oh man, POTD is awesome but my one true love Reid Speed is playing tonight. I'm going downtown... to downtown Seattle ;)


POTD should be up here soon I would guess


oh and on the color; I actually didn't like that color too much but that's what you get with Macco when you're unexperienced and don't know how specific you have to be about color with those guys.

It was supposed to be a much darker color. Basically I wanted the 350Z Brickyard color years before the 350Z ever came out. I'll get it right this time.

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