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Nikki my new lady


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thanks joe cool

wayno the drive gear roll pin hole is incorectly spaced on the A engine

dizzy . the thread that shows it being installed is using a L engine dizzy

i think thats my only issue with making it work. in that thread they had to mod.

the advance plate but on a A engine dizzy its clocked just right . only shaft issue.

so a shaft from a L engine dizzy is my new quest also a vacum advance pod with only

advance and no retard because the dual pod one is longer and may contack head/block

if clocked as stock one was designed. I read that thread when you advised it last.

it got me started. im closer thanks . i will post it when i figure it out. I had i

all apart today. but I gotta drive this thing today. el dizzy or points its gonna

move on its own power. may not stop as of yesturday my drivers rear wheel

cylinder started leaking . thats next ha ha

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i remember like it was yesturday. your petronics install that is .

OK i drove it holy shit. it runs good real good for fuck sakes.

has a slight rattle from what im guessing is timming chain after

revs. not anything major though. If any body knows the size of rear wheel

cylinders im gonna get a kit to rebuild my new found leaker.

I also need rear blocks 2 inch to drop it just a bit.

the torsion bars adjuster bolts are at two diff lenths so i guess

I must turn one of the bars to make that right then lower it a little.

when braking i hear the metal to metal where rubber control arm bush is toast.

rebuilt my trans mount with urathane its working great. I love that stuff.

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I freaking scored!! I was looking for nice carpet stuff to install in Nikki.
I remembered I have a account w a trim place. the dino liner ,mat and carpet
online was expensive. So I called Phoenix trim & supply co. to check on prices
of loopcarpet black and foil backed liner matt .I spent 169.44 total .shipped.
i bought 3 yards of 72" black loop carpet "nice stuff" 4 black medium heal pads.
some may want small because its like a floor matt. but im gonna bring it up firewall
a little. also 5 yards of 27 oz s/s foil pad 48" , the binding for edges of carpet black
1.25 inch black 10 yards. and last but not least a bottle of autocare l/p cleaner.32oz
the cleaner is realy good for old interior stuff .makes old shit look new. i dont know
what it is but is hardcore wholesale only. anyways Im going to recarpet Nikki and
Daughters 620. Ive never done this before any sugestions ? bring em. thanks
 wholesale only . use someones biz lic #

phx trim & supply 1-800-369-5084

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Take lots of pics of your work.  I need carpet as well, but I'm not prepared to take on actually sewing in binding and foot pad, so I'll have to hire someone to make a kit for me.  Maybe you??? ;)

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