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Recently picked up yet another goon...

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Well it was time to get a car to replace the wife's aging Honda Accord and we wanted something that would be able to handle more cargo carrying capabilities for her business.  I personally HATE (with a passion) any and all SUV's and CUV's, and I'm just not a truck kind of guy, so that really narrowed down our search to either a large sedan or...the sweetest looking wagon in the market (in my humble opinion).  After getting it the wife was afraid of driving 'such a nice car' so she wants to keep her car and only use this when she needs the cargo carrying use, so guess who drives it daily now? :)


So anyway I searched and found exactly what I wanted.   I got a Audi B8 A4 Avant, Premium Plus, Quattro AWD system, plus it has the sports package (18" wheels, sports seats, 3-spoke steering wheel) which really help make it look and drive nicer. Plus it came with the Thule aeroblade roof rack, windows tinted, and a Sirius XM satellite radio subscription to boot.


I've put about 4K miles on it since the beginning of the year and man it handles awesome!  It's plenty fast that I don't miss my 350Z which I sold shortly after getting this.  It's super comfortable inside, quiet, the sound system sounds great, has so many bells and whistles it took me a few days to get the hang of how to just turn the heater on!  But the heated seats have come in handy for my candy ass cold mornings.


And the best part my wife likes...no car payments! I hate giving up my money for interest!  :)


Anyway on to the pics of my ride, here was my initial meeting 'Patricia' when I went down to Santa Monica to pick her up...



More recent pics:


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Audi is one of the few car manufacturers that I feel still make nice vehicles. This thing looks perfect for a family/small business while being professional enough for a ceo and fast enough to beat down all those honduh guys. However, a 710 goon would have had more character :P

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i would think it would be REALLY freakin' badass for a guy in a suit and tie, to get out of a 710.... that would just make my day!  :w00t:


I LOVE Audi and their quattro system... i have an '84 4000s quattro (turbo swap) sitting in my driveway.... unfinished. :( 

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Thanks Kyle, but driving around in a 44 year old wagon isn't exactly how my wife likes to roll, especially on long road trips.  Call me old and soft, but there's just something to be said for having a modern, plush, comfortable, reliable, safe, car with all the latest ammenities...and this one fits the bill while still being suprisingly sporty.  :)


Laecaon: Thanks, I agree...and like I said, I think it's the best looking wagon available out there.  Granted there aren't many wagon choices, but the Cadillac one is way way too expensive and I'm just not a fan of the designs...too many straight lines, looks like a kid with a ruler is designing cars for Cadillac right now. 


Here it is along the coast in my hometown of Santa Cruz.


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Haha Hainz, I expected no less from you, but again it's meant to replace our already new car not my beloved goon.


And again who needs a silly gas hoggin' SUV! It swallowed up 4 wardrobe sized boxes ready to be taken to FedEx with ease!


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I just cant afford a Audi when it breaks.

Well I can but just dont want to.


Audi has come along way since the old audi 100s and the foxes.



Yeah that's why its good to have a warranty with a car right? I did my research so I knew it was going to be more expensive in the long run.  I won't be getting cheap $20 oil changes on this like I was used to for most of my other cars, that's for sure, it will be more like $100 oil changes (synthetic plus tire rotations to keep the warranty up) not to mention it only drinks premium gas.  Oh well, at least I was aware of all of this BEFORE I plunked down my cash and it didn't sneak up on me, but there is a pretty big difference in the driving experience and not to mention how many compliments I've gotten everywhere I drive her, and these are pretty yuppie places to begin with that I've gotten them from.  Heck I just got another two compliments , one on my way in from lunch and an instant message from another coworker who just saw it!



So I don't have any plans to used the roof racks for now (I'm buying a pair of bike racks soon though) so for now I took them off to get a cleaner/sleeker look.








I decided to ditch the front license plate holder and swapped it out with just the black bar running across the grille.


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not to mention how many compliments I've gotten everywhere I drive her, and these are pretty yuppie places to begin with that I've gotten them from.



I get those also when driving my beater 510. But notice its people that are walking, or at the bus stop, or when I drop cloths off at the Good Will thay say, "whatta cool car"!

Then I think ,Man maybe I need to up date and dump this MOFO as Im getting stereo typed as a POOR

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Well which one of us in our 510's don't get compliments about our 510's...but it's a different how do I put it...let's go with 'group' of people giving compliments to my new goon...ones that I'm sure wouldn't do so in my 510's.  :P

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Yeah I know all about breaking in engines, and this one is no different but it's well broken in by now, so a stomping I will go! :)


Here's a pic that will sure to please the die hard 510 guys...some goon on goon love!  :P


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i would think it would be REALLY freakin' badass for a guy in a suit and tie, to get out of a 710.... that would just make my day!  :w00t:


i step out of my 610 coupe in a dress suit and tie when looking for work shocks the hell out of people


nice lookin goon man i was honestly expecting a yota goon or something though lol

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i personally think its funnier in the subi goon cause its always dirty cause i dont care about it as much as the 610 but in the summer when the 610 is looking nice its unexpected but at least im stepping out of a good looking car 

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Yoda?  No no no...plus I don't think there's any Toyota wagons...at least not any 'good looking' ones (same goes for the Subaru ones).


Can you see in this pic how I'm still keeping it real?


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Well yeah Bonvo...any old school wagon has much more character but I'm talking new/modern ones, I can't go backwards when getting a new car.   :P  Nice goon you go there and I love the old Brats!!!

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