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El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

El Compa_510

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  Hey guys a couple of weeks ago i started a thread about choosing engines rotary or sr, i chose to go piston, and well like everyone else here this is my build thread. The the tittle is called memorial build, due to in loving memory of my pops who passed away 6yrs ago and he was a big fan and proud owner of few  2doors and goons or in his words my "Datsuns chingones" (Spanish for my bad ass lil datsuns"  I've been wanting to restore/build a datto for a very long time now in his memory but time and money was not on my side, but looks like tables have turned and now hopefully i can make his legacy and my new age taste become a cool memorial car for him.. so my plans is to build a 2 door sedan/his fave, and add a lil new age spice of a sr20det under the hood for a perfect mix of old school and new school in Memory of you pop,, (RIP Compa "Tomas").. lets start this build brothers...... 







Well enough of the sad story and lets get down to business, i found this treasure in az just sitting away waiting for a new life, made original owner and has been sitting since 85 how could someone anyway, i made killer deal and well now i will be picking it up this weekend and towing it to its new cozy home (my freshly cleaned garage just for her) super pumped!!!!







and well look what i just picked up today for her....lol i dont even have the car yet, but i sure do g=have the new heart..lol





wish me luck fellas this is gonna take time/patience/hard work/ and $ but with a dream and a good reason for accomplishment this can be done oh and not to forget with the brotherhood help from u guys, peace and love... god bless

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i have a question guys what rear end do u guys recommend me? i was thinking a diff from a turbo 300zx?

A lot of guys will run a Subi R160 LSD or a R200 with the sr setup. If you decide on the R200 your going to have to mod a few things to get it to fit into your 510.

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Id go with a r180 lsd if you can find one.. they are plenty strong considering the weight of our cars. And are a direct bolt in compared to an r200 and much lighter.  I have both the street comp (2pinion) and nismo (4pinion) and have run them both in my car and both have held up fine. If you can find a 4 pinion id go for it .. but the key word is "if" and depends on what the plans are for the SR ... mostly stock or fully built.

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