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  1. Hey, My car! Loved it at that stage. Then did a motor rebuild.. :blush:
  2. Hahaha, Looks like the Aussies got a hold of it. LOL Every other Dime I see in AUS is purple with a crazy motor build. Josh, Just Kidding man, you do you. Purple or Not. :thumbup:
  3. Damn dood, you've been Forum Waxing for quite a while. Mighty fine of you to keep the dream alive. I gave up when I could no longer see Photos. LOL The Wheels will look great buddy! Can't wait to see them rolling! And yes.. I probably do need the Garage Squad to show up and smack me around till I get her moving again. LULZ
  4. Mr. C-Mac! Maybe these forums can be useful again? I can see all of your pics again. :thumbup: Giggity Oh, and I can use "Giggity" again. Hahaha
  5. Bump my thread! Yay! Photos Back to free status! Also, wouldn't be a good bump without some newly acquired Wheel Porn...
  6. Hahaha, there are a couple interior pics there. I will upload some more and post them up ;)
  7. Hate to bump such an old thread but this just got road worthy... 1978 Datsun 620 Chinook Car House. 80k original miles, L20B 4 speed, 15x10 -57 Rear, 15x8.5 -50 Front, Interior fully re-done, Before... After... It's maiden Voyage to a Camping Spot near us...
  8. Yippy yay! Dude, that's awesome! I has happiness for you brother;)
  9. Isn't that plastic push lock connector a little close to the manifold? Also plastic vacuum line may get a little soft and eventually fail. They have metal pushlock conns that would work.
  10. Ever growing goodness Steve. Is there a chance for you to confirm if the SSR FM face fits in the Pro Mesh barrel or visa versa? I want to know if I have options if I damage my Pro Mesh lips and/or barrels. And several others want yo know too. Would be cool to confirm this.
  11. You're right, that looks pretty tucked for 3" all the way back...
  12. That looks like it's pretty low. Should protect your exhaust tho.
  13. Nice score Steve. What are the specs? How hard is it to find 2 more in similar specs?
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