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  1. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    finally digging up the dime this weekend! time to keep trucking
  2. El Compa_510

    My 510 Project

    do it to it :thumbup:
  3. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    Hey guys I'm back from a long vacation. glad to see some of the guys are still on here. a lot has been going on. I recently opened a diesel repair shop out in Downey ca. called Steady Idle Garage. we repair anything from a dime to a big rig. But our specialty is Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks. so this weekend the dime will be getting towed from its cave/my garage where its been hiding from the rain and sun, and it will make its way to my shop where i will be working on it every time i get a chance. so with that being said she's back.
  4. El Compa_510

    Ashley's 510 SR wagon build.

    :w00t: :hug: :thumbup:
  5. El Compa_510

    Topher's C110 Skyline

    looking good bro!!! super exited
  6. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    i know where exactly that is, thats kool, if anyone ever needs any type of automotive repair, please send them my way i will hook them up thanks....
  7. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    sorry for no recent updates, i recently opened my own diesel repair shop in the city of downey ca, and I've been tied up, but i made it my goal that 2015 will be the 510 year, she will be finished and attending events. so stay tuned....
  8. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    yah brother still going, been really busy because my brother is getting married... shit i feel like I'm getting married, I've just been buying parts here and there. lately bought a roof rack for the rat!!! i plan on jumping on to high here shortly
  9. El Compa_510

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment)

    looking amazing
  10. El Compa_510

    Black 510 project

    nice bro
  11. El Compa_510

    El compa_510 sr20det Memorial build!

    Hey whats up guys sorry for no recent updates! been really hectic lately.. but i need get back on that building game, yep its that time again to receive packages is the mail. what is it? nice hopefully i can keep the ball rolling!!!
  12. El Compa_510

    Black 510 project

    epic build
  13. El Compa_510

    Jordan's Fully Caged, Flared, Tubbed 72 SR 510

    Fu$%ing legit!!!!!
  14. El Compa_510

    Yellow SR510


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