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L series head.. No markings


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Ok so I hit the wrecking yard today. just wandering around. found 2 510 goons a 69 and a 70 cars stacked on both of them. Some usable parts on both of them...


Anyway I was looking at the heads of these. the 70 had no markings what so ever as to what it was. ie.. U67 W58 and such


Is this something special or not. the head did have dual valve springs I'm not not familiar with the L Series engines to know.


There is probably one of each head at that yard. U67 W58 W53 A87 210


I did pick up a matchbox "L" dizzy for $26





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The yard is in Outlook WA TeePee auto wrecking. 50 mile drive for me.


He is proud of his parts though. its an old school yard. Right in the middle of several Dairies. Smells real nice down there. Most of the Datsuns were smashed a few years back when scrap was high. I was going to buy all the A series 5 speed transmissions he had. 10 or so. when I had the cash, he didnt have them any more. Just my luck..


Ok whats themost desired head of the bunch? I'm getting ready to build a L20B motor for my B. the head on it now is a W58.

I got the truck motor and 4spd trans for free.

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The W58 are ok but round exhaust port with liners. I had a closed chamber W58 but not very common. The U67 are all open chamber and the same as the W58 but with square exhaust that will fit the earlier L16/18 cast iron 'header'. The A87 is about the same as thew U67, but could have slightly smaller valves and ports but might also come with closed chambers. 210s are open chamber and perfect for an L16. Any other head, including the closed chamber, will lower the compression.


Any closed chamber head besides the 210.


This will help



You wrote it wrong the 210 heads are open chamber. There are closed chamber 210 heads but rare as rocking horse shit.

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What did the front fenders look like? They look a little wrinkly from this view, but could be the coloration. 69 fenders are usually a wanted piece if they are nicer.


the green passenger fender is in nice shape, but thats the only fender thats any good too

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Did I read somewhere wehre someone removed the liners? or are they required to be there? flow restriction?


I removed a set from a peanut W58, once. The liners are held away from the port wall by small casting bumps. The liner is thin and heats up red hot and this helps burn off unburnt gas. To remove you have to take the valves out. They are an emission lowering device so technically they have to 'be there' but who's going to pull the exhaust manifold to check? High RPMs might gain from removal. If I had the head off and apart I might think of doing this again, otherwise not worth the bother.

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