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71 PL 521, new truck for me!

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While on the way to look at some dual SU's last week I stumbled across a 521 in a yard. I stopped & knocked on a few doors & found the owner. We talked & he told me the tranny just went out & he wants to sell it...so we settled on a $150 price tag. He held it for a week & i picked it up today....:D

The good: only 77,000 miles on the engine, new brake master, new clutch, all lights/signals work, runs good & starts right up, all glass intact, has bumpers [ettes] too, all trim is there, original jack & tool behnd seat.

The bad: no 3rd or 4th gear, several rust spots, interior is dirty/smells, dr. window wont roll up, dash is in bad shape.

Basically i drove it home in 2nd gear & it didnt get hot, clutch & brakes feel ok & i even have the title! My plans now are to swap over the body panels from my 69 onto this one & even the bed then replace the tranny w/ another 4 speed & put the slotted mags on it & drive it around to work out any bugs. Ill post more pics soon & theres a diff...:cool:

My daughter helping once again...& if your wondering those are hospital bed rails!


notice the springy seat!..haha


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The bad: no 3rd or 4th gear, several rust spots, interior is dirty/smells, dr. window wont roll up, dash is in bad shape.


sounds like all good to me. 521's kill trannys so doing one first thing is good practice :D You have a welder so the rust is no biggy. Once you get a 4th gear with that window down you won't smell a thing :D I've also seen your project pictures so I know it is always sunny so you won't need to fix that window any time soon. What about the ka? are you going to swap that in to? :D

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Well my oldest daughter & myself spent a few hours & trashed the bench seat, scrubbed the inside with simple green/water, & put my ZX seats in place for now, & put 2 of the mag rims on. Ill get pics tomorrow. Im probably going to remove the mirrors too as soon as I find replacements. Jeff, the KA is going back to my friends house in a few days im gonna keep it stock & basic seeing as everything works now.

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Heres a few pics after alot of cleaning/scrubbing. I swear the guy NEVER did any cleaning on this truck! What I got done today...removed chevron mirrors & installed my "peep" mirror, swapped on my chrome inside door pulls, swapped a shifter boot from my old 520, put the other 2 mag rims on, straightened the bumperettes, & {props to Hainz} used hand cleaner on the paint to somewhat "shine" the paint a bit..:cool:



my helper w/ 620 cap..:D



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