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620 parts and KA24DE

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All parts are located in Buckley. I'm getting ready to do my swap and need the space in my garage plus a few extra bucks. Reasonable offers considered. Willing to trade for a CAN/AM box to wire in a KA.


Set of dually rims with mounted studded tires 150.00


Grill with headlights. All mounting tabs in good shape 40.00


Bench seat. 40.00


KA24DE out of a 95 240 with auto tranny. Don't know much about this motor, miles and such. If you buy the motor, the tranny goes with it. 200.00


Motor and tranny sold

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How much do you think it would cost to ship a seat. I need one badly... I live in Grand Junction MI 49056


I have no idea! Where would I even take a seat to get a quote?


2eDeYe' timestamp='1342973044' post='723822']

PM sent.


PM replied

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I got on greyhound's website to get a quote on shipping. Just put in a few guesses on dimensions and weight. It would be about 80 bucks or so to ship to Detroit. How would I even get it ready for that kind of shipping? I'm a newb when it comes to this kind of shit. I'm usually the one doing the buying!

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sadly, I'm going to have to pass on the seat, maybe someday when I have a good amount of money, I can pay 120$ shipped for a seat. I do appreciate you going out and getting a shipping quote for me. If you still have the seat in about a month, get back to me and I should be able to buy it.


The way they ship tires is they just plastic wrap them. I'd imagine you could do the same to the seat or maybe build a box out of sheets of cardboard.

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I'm next on the seat if Suspect does'nt come thru how much to send to So-Cal 92281

I'll get you a quote.

i want that grill...i gotta have it...how muchshipped to 91761??

I'm going to try and find a box, or build one, and get you a quote

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2eDeYe' timestamp='1343313471' post='726420']

Thanks for the KA man. Nice to meet you.


Nice to have met you too. Hope those mounts work out for the benefit all!


Still have the dually wheels? Are they 16s?

Yes, I still have the wheels but they are 14"

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