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  1. Technically, transmissions are rated for a torque figure. Mike, if im wrong just correct me, but iirc the FS5W71B is rated for 215ft/lbs, but there are a few people running more than that on theirs with no current issues. Oh no he didn't! jkjk. ^^^^ +1 Farmer Joe
  2. There have been days I swore the search function was nothing more than one of skib's dreams. Like seriously, look through the forum and tell me the search function is real. Thread;"How many doors does my car have?" "What is this thinggy" *pic with arrow pointed to a wheel*... and then the "what about this xyz25006 engine swap with quad turbo lazer inductors and 10000bhp, cheap? " *edit* forgot to answer... search is working fine for me
  3. clogged line/filter as Osoi stated. Or bad pump... check the easier parts first
  4. Digi7al Trauma

    napz engine

    First, your question has allready been answered in the comments of the video you linked... and in the sentence you got the part number from, no less^^^^^Also comp cams does sell cams for this motor as well. Secondly... want to point out that you want a camshaft that sounds like this.... are you going to run the same exhaust, manifold/header?I know you aren't planning on running the same carb as the weber 38 outlaw on the truck in the video. So ill just say, your truck may sound far different than this one even if you happen to use the same parts. Mine is not to judge, but there will be
  5. Digi7al Trauma

    napz carbs

    I like metal, and dislike folk music. My neighbor blasts "All things considered" and loves folk music.... my point is "sounds better" is VERY subjective, and also HIGHLY dependant on supporting mods (exhaust, cam, dished or domed pistons). As for "better pull" you will get mostly subjective answers sans dyno tickets. These motors (stock) aren't really massive power makers, so a total or 2mm of carb difference may be semantics. Plus its not like you cant rejet either one. From experience, tuning maters more than those 2 mm, so choose the one you feel is easier/better for you to tune, upkeep, a
  6. hood pins. jkjk. Btw search is your friend. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/67752-620-hood-alignment-and-latch-problems-unexplained/?hl=%2Bhood+%2Blatch+%2Badjustment This thread may not answer every question you have in detail, but searching and learning is important.
  7. Got it. And yeah i get the point you made, why worry about the frame if the motor is shot as well? I have some ideas on the frame (yeah these are longshots but bear with me) 1- find and mod another datsun frame 2-build your own tube frame (this one is the biggest long shot, expensive and time consuming) 3- Buy a donor vehicle: eg bronco, blazer, s10, ranger. and bodyswap (still a bit out there, but can be done) edit: i just remembered you said you wanted to stay original when it comes to the frame, so my post is for the most part a waste of space. But ill see if i can fill in ot
  8. *reading though thread and slams into rust pictures* Mother of dog.... screw the lack of a tach (my 79 didnt even come with one either), gas tank? who cares? forget the wire hanging from the carb,.. because you will have some wires to disconnect here in a bit when you do SOMETHING with that frame. I mean am I just being cynical or should we worry about replacing that frame before worrying about a wire? Ill be over here chewing on my fingernails while following this. And looking for frames in the Washington dc area. Oh and welcome to rustson...i mean ratsun
  9. Stick with the A series, it may not be AMAZE-balls, but it will work... for cheap... and wont eat all your money, and you wont be eating ramen. Ka24- Wires.... TONS of wires... plus brakes and suspension mods, plus fuel system mods, plus a crap load of wires.... rotary- not the most reliable, good luck finding rotors or housings that are in decent shape, i have a rotory in an mg midget and decent parts are getting scarce, add in apex seals, expect to rebuild any you buy... once again, brake mods will be needed. l20b- Meh... i see no real down side, i would consider working some bet
  10. Still looking for an engine around Saint Louis

    1. RedBanner


      have you checked rows 34 thru 50 at the hall picknpull ?

    2. Digi7al Trauma

      Digi7al Trauma

      ..... well since i am only home 3 days a month, no .... i was looking to my fellow ratsunners, so i could get a motor, and they could get cold hard sexxy cash


  11. I Know Right! thats what im fkin talking about there kaoss.... you get a +1 for saying it before i could Onto brass tacks! No one here is a lawyer, so stop giving legal advice. But the ACTUAL professional artists that's cool, inform him of what they know, as an artist and not an interwebz lawyer that grad-e-a-tud form the school of no one gives a fk.... and so far i have noticed a few people claiming highly incorrect things about laws and intellectual property (I have gone to court over having my int. prop. copied, but i'm not a lawyer so my OPINION of what the law states is just that
  12. ....trust me it would be awesome to be in Seattle with all the datto parts nearby
  13. anyone in stl area with a L series? how bout an A15? Ka?Ca? anything?

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