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Nice Rack


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Tired of putting long shit up on the roof of my work truck! Had my buddy Tom come over & with my brains & his skill we built this bad-ass custom 620 lumber rack B) The uprights & cross pieces are 1x1 1/8" sq. tubing & the 2 main runners are 1x2 3/16 steel. Didnt want it to be to heavy but still wanted it to be strong. We got most of it done today. Tomoro we will add the rail on top & then pull it off & paint.



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My shop sells utility racks. One possibly nice feature that I notice some have, is that the rear crossmember rolls. As in you can rest something on it and slide it up. But then again 620's are short, and this is more common on E250's and such.


Nice work, looks clean.

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LoL! I knew "Nice Rack" would be an attention getter :angel: As yuou can see in the pics the rear bar is being held in with vise grips. I am going to make it removeable. So if I need to get taller shit in I can. I like the idea of a roller back there too :thumbup:

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Almost finished the rack up today. Still have to drill the mounting feet for bigger fasteners, weld the end caps on, & figure out how to mount the removeable bar in back. Then pull it down & paint.



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Great job. I was a Construction Superintendent for over 20 years, and Iv'e seen alot of racks in my day, but this is one of the nicest "Homebuilt" racks Iv'e ever seen.


Thanks. My buddy Tom is a killer welder. I am a carpenter & did all the figuring & cutting. Oh & held shit for him :thumbup:

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The rack is finished :thumbup: It turned out better than I could have imagined. Finished it off with 2 coats of black primer then 2 coats of semi-glass black. Cant wait till I get to use it :thumbup:



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