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Propeller shaft flange bolt (seals carrier Bearing)

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I ordered a new Carrier Bearing for my 620 and this time around it didn't include the center flange bolt... Where can i find this? Its the one that needs to be staked.


The big one that goes right in the center. I think 18mm thickness and 1.5mm thread pattern.

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i hope this bump (of an answered thread) grabs someone's attention


is that the bolt that the 27mm nut goes on? if so....

my '73 620 fsm says the torque spec is 145+ ft/lb.... how the ef did you guys torque that thing?

i dont have a vice nor that special nissan tool.

also, im having problems removing the carrier bearing and insulator (trying to replace insulator) i dont have a press, any ideas?

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thanks i appreciate it! actually when i was laying in bed last night i figured out i would pretty much do the same thing... fab something up with some metal using a drill and no welding. thanks again.

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