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  1. Time Left: 9 days and 20 hours

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    Looking to buy a heater with all its controls from a b210. Let me know what you have!


    So-Cal - US

  2. I’ll be bringing my VLB210 from Costa Rica!
  3. Time Left: 10 days and 4 hours

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    Datsun VLB210 for sale, purchased from the original owner in Costa Rica and imported to California last year. Very unique car an probably the only one in the United States. Many extras including fresh chromed bumpers, new charging system, new falken tires and much more. Very reliable. The car won 1st place for best 60's and 70's Datsun at the Japanese Classic car show, and also received the Neo-Classic Magazine award. Looking for $10,000 to Ratsun members


    , California - US

  4. Silvester

    My New V520 Wagon

    I'm extremely fortunate to be out here doing what I'm doing!
  5. Here is a picture of the undercarriage, looks like a standard 620 platform.
  6. And she's a driver! Looks perfect next to my V520
  7. Silvester

    My New V520 Wagon

    Well, I'm moving indefinitely. If I move on somewhere else this will be shipped to my garage in Southern California. I'm traveling with a surfboard, a bicycle, my fishing gear and some Clothes. The thread is about this cool car though!!
  8. Silvester

    My New V520 Wagon

    Yes I said it, just when i sold all my belongings to move to Costa Rica, including my 2 datsun 620's, and my 69' 510 wagon, this Datsun was presented to me by fluke. I recently found a room to rent in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, being offered by the lessee (Misty). This room was being subleased to a gentleman named Kevin. Kevin was moving out and his room became available to rent. Kevin was leaving Costa Rica to start his journey in another part of the world (much like i'm doing). The lessee texted me this morning saying " oh by the way, my previous tenant (Kevin) is selling his 1966 datsun 510, are you interested?" Keep in mind, this lady has no idea who I am and knows nothing of me owning Datsuns. First I was like: :confused: :confused: :confused: 66 510? Let me see this thing. When i saw the pictures: :rofl: :rofl: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:. I purchased it sight unseen. I wont see it until the new year but here are some pics!
  9. Should I shell it and bring it to canny? What do you think boys and girls?
  10. Above, please restore that to the original color!!! Those polished slot mags are tits
  11. Saw a beautiful 510 4 door just now driving down the 101 in central California near Santa margarita. It was original orange too
  12. Yes these will all be kept original and stored indoors. Not to worry.
  13. Before i go into details, Ill give you some pictures of how i found her, just to wet your whistle. Dipping the tip, per se. My Datsun addiction has been more rampant than ever. Couple months ago I picked up this this nasty clean 510 wagon: And as of two weeks ago i'm the proud owner of another 78' 620 DLX 5 spd. with dealer A/C. As some of you know i already have one identical to this new one, year and all. Unfortunately I got her with a slight tick, thinking it was valve clearance issues. Out of nowhere this loud tick turned into an even louder clatter. I quickly shut it down and dissembled the motor to find Cyl. 1 intake valve seat fell out. Not to worry, a nice head rebuild and the truck runs like a sewing machine. Drove it 100 miles to the IE Datsun meet last weekend. Here is how she sits today: Enjoy!
  14. I don;t have a thread on it yet, but here is my stupid clean, all original 1970 510 wagon.
  15. Thank you, repair worked well for both of my 620's. Had to JB weld 2 tabs in one of them, from corrosion.
  16. Most recent, everyday shots!!
  17. ^^^ thanks guys! You don't like my drivers seat? LOL Its an old towel to cover all the rotted foam and duct tape glue from the PO. Ill probably do the interior soon.
  18. After 2 years of owning this little truck, It finally runs, and it runs WELL. Very well. My HOA threatened to tow it, got raped on a set of carbs, raped on some faulty donor parts, and felt like throwing in the towel more than once. All in all i'm glad I followed through. l20b (.20 over), u67 head with big intake ports and big valves, Z -therapy - SSS SU carbs, and a ZX 5 speed. Gotta say this combo is fun, fast and agile. The only thing i had sourced out was the engine machine work and the tuning of my carbs, by a Z car specialist. Enjoy the pics and videos.
  19. Update, Update, read all about it! Its been almost 2 years since I've picked up my 620 and after diagnosing a rod knock I have have since rebuilt the motor -l20-.20 over stock rebuild, -U67 w/ large factory intake runners -Z therapy-1800 SSS Carbs -81ZX 5spd. with 40k miles -Exedy clutch -1800 Exhaust manifold -2" Manifold/back exhaust with turbo muffler -Colant Inlets/outlets -Coolant temp sensor -Oil pressure sensor -fuel pump -Plug/wires/cap -tail shaft seal -Pinion Seal -Fresh fluid in Trans and Dif -Other stuff I can remember If I were to guess, this is about $3000 worth of refreshing-Labor excluded. Here are some progress pictures and a first start video!. Enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions.
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