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Block paint?


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There are people out there that sell a very close match to the Datsun Blue/Green. It's a little bit spendy, however.


I'm pretty partial to the Duplicolor Engine Enamel "Pontiac Blue". It's really close, and you can find it any just about any parts store.


Throw some brass freeze plugs in there, and you got yourself a hot little L series :)





If you are looking for the "REAL" color, though, they sell cans of it here:


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The paint you use looks good to me. And at $27.95 a can for the real stuff, It looks even better. I'm not a purist by any means. More of a butcher. But I figure if I'm at the dragstrip trying to represent, I need to make it look kind of like a Datsun. Thanks.

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That Pontiac color shown above is a very close match, it`s got a slight hint of green to it.



VintageRice....That purple super clean then brake cleaner,,The good stuff in the red can NOT the environmentally safe green one ..but i have found that engine paint ( labeled as such ) is less likely to fish-eye than most normal paint.

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Any paint store can mix up the Datsun blue.


Datsun engine turquois in Dupont mix guide mix size:

* 806J HS BLACK 177.2

* 801J HS WHITE 290.0

* 828J HS FAST BLUE 373.8

* 830J HS FAST GREEN 444.4

* 702OG BINDER 844.0

* 7030G BALANCER 960.4


There is also a Nissan engine blue which is a darker blue

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