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L20B 5speed clutch


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hey folks,


so i just purchased an l20 for my 510 i was going to put the ka motor into it but its turning out to be a huge pain for me. so im going back to the l20 because I JUST WANT TO DRIVE THE CAR!


ok on to the question i was on the exedy website looking for a clutch and i noticed that the stage one racing clutch has the same part number for the the l20 and the 240sx but when i look up the OEM replacement on the exedy site it is a different part number. so i was wondering if the exedy clutch that i purchased for my 92 KA24DE engine will work on my L20 they have the same diameter and the same number of teeth, and if this would work would that mean that the fidanza flywheel i purchased for the KA would also work? it just seams odd to me that the exedy oem replacement would be a different part number but that the stage one would be the same.


i know its a strange question but if i have the parts so if they work it would save me some money.

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Well, I suppose first you need to know what size the flywheel is on the L20B. There is a 225mm (most common) and a rare 200mm (HL510 I believe) 6-bolt flywheel.

If you have the 200mm flywheel, you can run a roadster clutch which... in all honesty is more than you'd ever need for an L20b no matter how hard you drive it. Several race-prepped L-motors run OEM Roadster clutches.

For the 225mm flywheel, I believe the clutches are the same as the 240sx, but there may be differences with throwout bearings. I couldn't help you with that, but I know the roadster clutch requires a roadster throw out bearing and collar (Believe it's the shortest collar)


FWIW, be careful about your lightweight flywheels. If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, you really won't like it much on an L20b. Much less torque than that KA24DE. I know somebody with a reasonably built L motor running a lightened stock flywheel, and getting that thing to 'go' is a nightmare. I call it the redline-drop-AWD-on-a-subaru-effect. Expect to smell clutch if you park on a hill and have to take off. I loved my stock behemoth 200mm/roadster clutch combo on my hopped up L20B. It would bark 3rd no problem if I was feeling abusive... which was also a contributor to the demise of a stock set of half-shafts. =D


When I built my L20B I asked a lot of questions regarding an alloy flywheel, and I don't remember a single person being happy with theirs and lots of offers to sell them to me dirt cheap. I saved my money and bought the OEM Roadster clutch, instead.

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As long as the L20B flywheel is for a 225mm clutch, the 240SX one will work. I couldn't believe it when I first saw they had the same parts number because I was sure the 240SX used a 240mm clutch, but they don't. Not for that year, at least.


I've noticed a number of parts mfgs list the 240SX clutch as matching most other 225mm clutch setups.


I don't know if the flywheel is the same bolt pattern. Might be. The KA was sort of an evolution of the L-series anyway.

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200mm flywheels aren't that rare. All L20B equipped cars had them 521, 610, 710, S10, S10, A10. 225mm were on 620 (after '73) 720s most 240/260/280z.


I think the KA wheel will fit the L20B but for the reasons given by boaty, I wouldn't. Measure the weight of it. I wouldn't go below 15 pounds. Stock 225mm wheels are 21 and 29 pounds. Not only does the KA have way more torque the crank is massively heavier than the L crank so it has more stored energy for take-offs. This isn't a race car so some thought to comefort should be given, and enjoyed when driving. Find an L20B 225mm flywheel from a truck and install the 240sx pressure plate. Anyone asks, just say you put a 240sx clutch in it.

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okay so i can use my l20b flywheel with my 240sx clutch as long as my flywheel is the 225mm. the fly wheel i have from the 240sx is Chromoly and weighs 12lb. the car wont be a daily driver just a weekend fun car. but if i use it i would have to basically dump the clutch on most starts.

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Look at it this way if you were racing and didn't stop you wouldn't need a flywheel. The more stop and go the more you need some extra stored torque in the form of spinning weight. Lightened flywheels are a desperate effort by racers to free up some power. Fine on the track but like lots of racing equipment such as an 800 lb clutch, does not translate well for every day driving if you want to enjoy it.

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I would personally get the stock clutch unless you got a really HOT motor stock Daiken is fine


the Dailen stage 1 will more way more that ever needed plus its 250$ or so.


550 is enough. for a daily driver plus its cheaper.

Just saying you have a KA clutch will not really make it cooler.


I find out putting in stronger clutches makes make slave cylinder wear out faster and not neede just for a daily driver. I put a SPEC Clutch in and my slave went fast.

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