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i found a datto!!!


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i work from home, and i stay pretty active on several forums...im always trying to learn and like to talk to people. (no real friends) anyway, 322 post is not a lot...i have 10,000 or so on 2 different focus forums, plus i have 2-3 accounts on each with 1000-2000 post or so just for selling parts (my job)

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wow, lots of hate for just me posting more than you'd like......sorry, i'll try to post less......my bad....ad i fixed my avatar for you :fu:

i hope your just kidding, cause i am....if your seriously mad at me well then

























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dwnshfter, Dude yur a nice guy. No static from ya, not rude, trying to learn... it is just that you are me most posty guy we've had since I joined. Like ever. And that is saying alot! Cause I am guilty of alot of posts too. But damn it took me like 6 months to get to 327 posts, and I'm a whore.:D


But for the last month when we click on 'new posts' they are almost all from you! I am sad to say I've started skipping some of those threads, I am like "Sa-weet new post! Oh it is Dwnshftr again, cool, I will check it in a little bit."


I too work at home, I understand the temptation. And I totally shouldn't be casting stones.:D

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when i say "work from home" i mean, "im a lazy ass disabled veteran" i am in the national guard also, so once a month i go to drill in montgomery, go to the jy they have there, and pull a few ford parts, take'em home, clean them up, polish them, nad sell them till next drill......this is all i have, lol....sorry for all the post, and i know it is a little excessive, but i just love being part of this, the focus forums suck, i know more than 90% of the people on there, im that ass who always post the pic saying SEARCH! no im that guy that needs to search........it's just kinda hard for me, plus there are not too many threads on here to post on....im used to new threads being made every 3-4 minutes, not 3-4 days, i just need to learn to slow down.....i really do apoligize, and feel bad being a whore, but my newfound love for the datsun is killing me, and i want to share it with all of you! kinda like that chick on the valtrex commercials....


"I have herpies, but with valtrex, no one will know! imma go fuck all these guys on the canoe now!!!"

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Ha that was funny as hell! I understand the all-consuming want for any tidbit that is Datto related. Since I have been a member here, my illustration productivity is way, way down!


I am always one click away from firefox and Ratsun. Every damn time I save a illustration file in Photoshop, I click to ratsun to see what's been said by who while the file's being saved.


Every little thing I achieve I reward myself with a lil click. "Cool, I just painted an eyebrow, that took all of 5 minutes... hmm... time to reward myself with 15 min on ratsun/craigslist/ebay."


There we've admitted we have a problem. that is the first step. Now we just need to try to show a little restraint.


I've never been a member of another car forum (well, ODPL.com, but I was fr from active there) so I don't know about other forums. But from what I gather, us old Datsun lovers are a bit more laid back and more chill group than alot of the other car genres. And I like it that way!

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I have all but started completely ignoring your threads dwnshifter. You ask the same questions, over and over and OVER and never seem to learn - which is your stated purpose. Or one of them at least.


If you love your datsun so much, go do something with it and post that!


Kiz... I say it is re-god damn tarded!

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SloDat.......that was rude!....just keep asking the questions , we will continue to try and answer.........................Hell, how else ya gonna find out anything..I busted my ass in "Nam for all of ya'll so that we all could be able to freely express ourselves..... and downshifter ask away.!

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It's okay to make a post I think (and thanks for busting your ass!!), but alot of it has already been answered. Sometimes you need to try to search it like 3 drifferent ways to get the answer you are looking for, but it is better then polluting the forum with dumb threads. If you need to ask, maybe try making a project thread. Just make a post on your thread, and people will generally try to answer it for you without getting too pissed :D. Anyway, something to think about maybe...


OH!! And check out this site, it has all the answers to every datsun realated question you have EVER asked!!



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