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Fuel sending unit


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I blew up my driveline and it took out my tank. I ran a jerry can til it got stolen then fixed my tank. But my fuel sending unit was rusted and doesn't read below 3/4 of a tank. Well I'm pretty good at not running out but I have in the past and I did yesterday at the courthouse getting married. It was a real drag. So I'm finally gonna fix it. Do 720/hard body sending units interchange?

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Old rule of thumb dating back to the 1947 era Volkswagons, which didn't have fuel level readouts. You can drive 200 miles in city traffic and 4 hours at highway speed until you have to pull the early VW dipstick dropper lever for the fuel tank pickup or pray that your AAA card is still good.

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Well, if I ever drive a VW it won't matter because I'll be dead. Thanks for the "congrats" syclone... Kinda made the marriage a little more shotgunish haha. I'm planning on a fuel cell sooner or later but till then would like a lil less worry. Oh got the donor motor, may be pushing more power than your beast soon syclone!

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The D21 Hardbody used a high pressure pump mounted inside the tank. I think the sender is integral and you're out of luck on this.


The 720 sender should fit your tank but not made for it... you may have to bend the float arm so it reads empty at the bottom of the tank.

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Well I figured Datsun Mike would know if anything would interchange.... The whole thing about V-Dubs is my old boss is a VW guy and I would always bust his case about VW's campared to Datsuns. That and I'm a flower child so I hate hippies.

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I appreciate the offer but I went out and bought a fuel cell... Then I crashed my truck... So now I'm trying to find a radiator and some front end parts close to az... The cell is going in when I get rolling again.

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I was cruising down the main drag last friday... Just hooked up a sub. Apparently two cars crashed and a third car decided to stop behind the wreck. Rear ended that car. Smoked my hood, radiator and center support. FMLPushed the D/S fender into the tire. Limped the truck home. Just did the front clip like 2 years ago.

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