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The Radson 620


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This is my '78 620 that I bought about a month ago. The guy I bought it from had it for about two weeks before he decided he needed to get a van instead. He got it from his neighbor who was the original owner and, in typical awesome old dude fashion, had kept all the paperwork. It has 78,000 original miles, backed up by the paperwork, and is in great shape. The guy I bought it from put some silly wheels on it (oics later), the massive rearview mirror, and that SICK paintjob complete with rampant overspray. So far I've changed out the belts and hoses due to cracking, put on the original rims and picked up some dentless hubcaps, replaced the window squeegee things, installed a cd player and a new set of front speakers, and picked up a higher amp alternator that I have yet to install. It runs great but the carb kind of acts weird until it warms up, then it's great. Now I shall unleash the OICS!!





The Interior



The wheels that came on it



Hope this was a proper introduction. I really dig these forums and I don't want to make any more faux paus.

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Go to Photobucket and hit the edit button, rotate it and hit 'replace original'. I close the Photobucket and re-open and the edited picture now is displayed. Transfer it to Ratsun hit edit post and swap it.



Nice '78, very nice un-cracked dash w/ optional clock. The old rims look Toyota or gm truck?

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Yeah, I was SUPER stoked on a dash with no cracks and now I'm trying to decide what I want to do about it, cover it and protect it or show it off and risk future cracking. The clock is cool but it is stuck on 4:20 (prank?). The compressor for the A/C is frozen but I'm used to no A/C so I'm probably not going to be tackling for that a while. And yes, it has the five speed, which is awesome.

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Thanks! I have no idea how old cars and trucks even lasted this long with all the rust you guys have to deal with over there.

Because one of mine came from Alabama and the other one came from Arkansas. I bought a parts truck locally (only one I've seen in years) and it was just that a parts truck.You could stick your head through the holes in the floors. :blink: :D

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