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so i finally tryed to start the 620 this weekend. when i hook the battery up it immediatly burns up the fusable link wires that come off the the positive terminal. now it has no acual fuses, but i figured it worked at some point straight wired like that before. looked like an old setup. well i replaced the wire with some more heavy guage wire i had and it burnt that up pretty good. heating all the wires. {they come from starter, alternator etc.} do i have a serious issue here? should i rewire all of them and install the link? what is a good rated wire for this if so needed? thanks


edit-should be in eletric forum. my bad

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do i have a serious issue here?


:eek: yeah, especially if you used a larger gauge wire in place of the fusible link (it acts like a fuse!!!) you may temporarily get away with a smaller gauge wire...like 20awg.

id say your lucky you didnt fry the entire system...


the only time i had the link blow as soon as it was connected was from an internally shorted alternator. replace the link (get generic stuff from an auto parts store) and try it w/ the alt disconnected.

at this point you may have created more issues though...

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A fuseable link is just a wire a few guages too small for the current it will carry, WITH A SPECIAL INSULATION THAN WILL NOT BURN.

You can get inline "maxi fuse" holders at NAPA, and fuses that fit them. I would consider replacing fuse links with the "maxi fuse".

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first off is 20awg a good size to replace most of the wires? just the ones that come from the positive terminal.that is where i will start.

i think the original wire was acually factory, but it burned up. then the wire i replaced it with was fusible link wire from the parts store, burned up also. the parts guy said don't worry about the fuse. {i don't why i listen to these guys} so it probelly sounded like i hot-wired with speaker wire but i didn't. anyway i guess i will re-wire everything that is right there and prey i didn't melt my harness. it didn't even melt the other wires, but i'll replace them anyway. something is wrong.

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20 is sorta small to be running to anything directly off of the battery.


Each wire should be sized for the load it will see and the fuses should be sized accordingly.


The size of the wire is also dependent on the length of wire.


Sizing chart.




An explanation (better than mine)




It's important to remember that these cars were wired up from the factory to run with a small amperage alternator and old style electronics. If your upgrading electrical components (headlights, stereo, alternator, dash lights, etc) the first thing you should be upgrading is the 30+ year old wiring running those components.


Do not run without a fusible link or fused connection from your battery...this is asking for big fire ;)


Edit: Moved you to electrical :)

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i dont know about datto's but for yota's when you ask for a fuzeable link, the parts guy says push in or glass type:blink:



they should be in the fuze section at most parts stores and the smart people behind the counter can pull up the part number if you ask for one for a old VW. color codes are the same.


btw toyota still carries em @ $5 a pop :mellow:


3 for $2.50 @ shmucks

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