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VH45DE rebuild kits.

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So I picked up a '94 Infiniti Q45 that I'm going to start stripping apart after I get rid of my Suburban that's just taking up space.


I'm thinking of using essentially the while drive train, minus the fucking granny tranny, in my 280Z. It's going to be interesting to see what it'll take to adapt things over, but that's part of the fun right?


I do LOVE the brakes on the Q. That big bitch of a boat stops on a damn dime, so I'm really interested in trying to use them on the Z.


The engine however has about 150k miles on it, but it's not burning smoke, and the only time it does smoke is when I floor it on the free way (gray/black smoke) so it might be the injectors dumping too much fuel.


But anyways, now that the train of thought is finally coming around to the station, my original question was if anyone knows where to get a rebuild kit for these engines and if anyone knows of a good book or other source of information for them.


If I get this to work, I'm thinking of milling some fender badges from aluminum like this:




Something different. :)

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Seems like you should call it a 450Z to stick with the correct nomenclature...



Or maybe a Z45...


I was thinking about that, but was just playing with the idea of something a little more unique.


Hmm.. maybe 450Z imposed over the top of the Infiniti logo.

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You can get all the parts needed at Nissan. Or your local parts store.

As for a "kit", you probalby don't need that. The pistons, etc are most likely reusable. Just get gaskets and rings. You may not need new bearings.


Engine gaskets kit is only $272.99 at RockAuto.com

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Use a bore guage, check for out of round.......if the measurements are ok, then rings will be great.........mic the crank, once again if its in spec, just throw bearings at it..............150k on a nissan motor is really just getting loosened up to run good.......if it was taken care of, of course.

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I'm going to pull the coil packs and do a compression test on the cylinders this week. I was originally a Chevy guy, and 150k would have been long due for a rebuild in a Chevy motor; thus my thinking.


The specs on the engine are beautiful though. Forged crank, forged rods, full floating hypereutectic pistons, variable valve timing, sodium filled valves, six bolt mains with girdle, etc.


4028 lb car. No wonder it isn't exactly a road rocket. I was playing with it today. Seems like the transmission and/or ECU refuse to let me haul balls from a stand still. If I floor it after getting to about 30-40mph, it flies. This in front of a TT 300ZX 5 speed in a 2800lb 280Z is going to be a LOT of fun. :)

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To be fair, most of those smoking hondas are most likely driven by kids or pseudo-kids who think it's "JDM COOL YO!" to bounce the revs off the limiter.


I'll check the compression is if it's good all around, then maybe I'll just pick up a gasket kit and freshen up the gaskets. I'll have to ask the old owner when the last time the timing chain was done.


Ahh, figured out why it is such a tub off the line. Stupid thing "launches" from second gear.

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lolz theres already a 450z





She fits so snuggly in the engine bay! Sounds so pretty as well. Literally ate up that Corvette later in the video. I'm almost in tears that it cut out before you got to see the 1/4 mile run though.


Sounds like these engines are just about as durable as the original Datsun motors: http://my350z.com/forum/engine-and-drivetrain/496502-my-450z-build-thread-vh45de-swap.html

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She fits so snuggly in the engine bay! Sounds so pretty as well. Literally ate up that Corvette later in the video. I'm almost in tears that it cut out before you got to see the 1/4 mile run though.



theres more vids of that car. the dude is on HBZ

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You know Skib, I think we need to have a skill share thread where people post what sort of shit they're good at. Because I think I'm going to need help making the mounts/crossmember, and fabricating some of the other stuff to get everything to work together. Though it sounds like the Q45 uses a version of the R200 (albeit with viscous limited slip), so that shouldn't be too difficult to make work. I'm wondering if I can make the suspension and ABS brakes work. If nothing else, I'm hoping I can do a complete swap to disc brakes and eliminate the Z's disc/drum combo.

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