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my 72 datsun 521


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just wanted to share my truck with you guys.


it is a 72, i bought it from the original owner who did a v8 swap on it in the 80's. ists got a 5lug conversion and a ford 8" rear end. the interior is good except one tear in the seat.even the original radio still works. it uses a stock 65 mustang shifter that looks factory. the guy also gave me a bunch of extra parts, like weatherstripping,guage cluster, lights, carburetor, etc.

ive done a few things to it like add some headlights, tune up, wheels, and lowered it. it hauls ass, even though the engine is mostly stock.


when i brought it home


289 ot of an early mustang


5 lug front


bosch headlights


added 16" steel wheels


interior shot


perfect headliner


anyone translate?


original plate and frame from dealer


test fitting wheels, adding lowering blocks


how it sits now


still need to properly wash and wax it


think im going to lower the front more



btw, it might be for sale soon. i need to make room for another project.

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Think it says.



Fasten your seatbelts.

Smashing the windshield with your head is forbidden.


That's about the closest translation... My wife is German and she took a quick look at it and said the same thing




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