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  1. Wow, I love it man! You're fabs skills are great! What are you majoring in for school? I'm just getting into college and putting my projects on hold for now while I'm in school. I don't see how you can balance a build of this scale AND school! Anyway, keep up the work, can't wait to see it moving under it's own power. :thumbup:
  2. Hey guys! So I'm getting back in the game! I sold my Z back in May for $1,200 not running, and now the guy says I can buy it back for $1,300. The best part about it is its running now, and he's giving me a bunch of extra parts! So look forward to updates :D
  3. Anyone interested in some turbo L24/26/28 stuff? I have a turbo manifold tapped for an external wastegate, intercooler and piping for a S30, Air Research turbo with no shaft play, cartech Plenum for blowtru using triple Mikunis (no carbs, just Plenum), shaved l28et intake manifold, Supra 440cc injectors, l28et injectors, and a l28et dizzy. Let me know what you want, I'm also willing to sell everything for $600 obo and willing to ship. Will have pics up soon!
  4. You love throwing me under the bus huh? LOL I sold my Z because I had more important things to take care of. As a senior in high school you have a lot of stuff to pay for and with 2 parents that want the other parent to pay for something, I'm not going to wait for them. I took things into my own hands and now look at me, I graduated, went to all of the senior events, and my DD is running better than it ever has. I can always get another Z. I'm not going to be out of the datsun game for long. Just got to straighten shit out.
  5. Talking shit behind my back?!?!?!?! lmao jk I actually sold mine :( Sorry to thread jack :D She's coming along nicely bro, keep it up!
  6. New updated design and collector :D
  7. Yes sir! But haven't done much, so no updates :)
  8. Think you change the name of the thread enough? lol
  9. I was planning on just welding a piece of roll cage tubing inbetween the rear strut towers that way it doubles as reinforcement and a harness bar.
  10. It's going to be shortened up ALOT, so that won't be a problem.
  11. Thanks man! My dad was talking about paying someone else to design and build a manifold for him. So I figured I'd design it, and then find someone that can do the welding for me. I don't think someone sells a remote mount manifold anyway, so it would have to be custom.
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