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Rubber "fuel filler neck" replacement


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Checking to see where I can purchase a new fuel filler neck. The long rubber piece that connects from fuel door to tank. Do you think autozone or some auto parts place would have some super fat generic hose that could be a replacement or what have you all done?...mine is all cracked. Appreciate it!

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The stock hose has 2 subtle bends. The hose is 2-1/4" ID (I think...pretty sure), which is fairly large and you're not likely to find anything that large from a newer vehicle that could swap over. I got a piece of straight hose from CarQuest and it is working fine - it ends up kinking near the filler/top, but it hasn't closed up and I haven't had any trouble putting gas in, other than the usual fact that the hose/hole is so large that I don't feel comfortable leaving the pump unattended while filling. The straight hose was about $24 for 13 or 14" (it's nearly $2/inch!). You can get hose that has a wire "spring" built into it that helps keep it from kinking, but then it's difficult to clamp because of the embedded wire.

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Great. Thanks for the replies. I found they have some of this hose at our local o reillys...finally get to put in my freshly restored tank and hopefully drive my 521!

The other option is to splice the hose together using some exhaust tube bends, then you'll have no kinks...just more hose clamps :P
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Autozone does not carry them.



I have sold people exhaust pipe and radiator hose that they have used cool.gif

Note to self: Don't heed advice from metalmonkey47 regarding automotive hose material choices :P


Coolant hose, or any other type of hose, is not made to hold up to gasoline. Enjoy cleaning your gas tank, lines, and carbs or EFI when that hose disintegrates and gunks things up :unsure:

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Here is my 2 cents worth. I also used the hose with the spring in it and found it difficult to get the hose clamp tight enough at the mouth of the tank and had fuel leakage. Solution: spray a little WD40 on the part of the clamp where you tighten it and this will help to get it tighter.

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